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It is usual for an employee to depart from an organization through resignation, redundancy, or retirement. However, before an employee’s departure, some activities must be carried out to ensure smooth offboarding. Employee offboarding checklist is the series of activities expected to be undertaken by the departing employee with the company’s HR department. 

Employee offboarding checklist is an essential tool that guides the offboarding exercise to ensure that nothing vital is left out of the entire process. In reality, offboarding meaning is the process of formal separation between an employer and an employee through resignation, termination, or retirement. 

It is an exercise as important as onboarding; when it is properly managed, it ensures that there is no bad blood between the organization and the departing employee.

The employee offboarding checklist details every necessary task that must be done when an employee is departing a workplace. It is a check-box exercise that can be viewed at a glance to ensure the exit of a worker is devoid of any malice.

This article discusses the employee offboarding checklist and the key activities that are involved in it.


Employee Offboarding Checklist


 In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the essential activities of the employee offboarding checklist:

  • Communication of the employee’s departure: this activity should be preceded by an agreement between the employee and the employer on how and when the exit will be announced. Then, the departure of the employee will be communicated to the workforce of the company.
  • Facilitation of the knowledge transfer to the successor: this is important in the employee offboarding checklist to ensure no operational vacuum is created. The departing employee will hand over and groom the successor in some critical aspects of the role.
  • Recovery of company’s assets: in this HR offboarding checklist, the company’s properties in the custody of the employee are recovered before the date of departure. The HR can draw up a list of the company’s properties with the employee to recover everything ahead of time.
  • Update IT permission and access: this is the offboarding process checklist that guards against security breaches. IT department will disable any access relating to the departing employee to prevent him from accessing any information related to the company. 
  • Conduct an exit interview: this is another important activity in the employee offboarding checklist; it can be done through either face-to-face discussion between the departing employee and the HR manager or via a questionnaire. This step helps an organization to deduce the real reasons for the employee’s departure. With this, an organization will know where it needs to improve further to enhance its image with the current and future employees.
  • Preparation for future reference requests: in the future, the departing employee might need the employer for reference for another job offer. Hence the organization should endeavor to keep accurate and detailed records relating to their employment with the employee to complete such requests correctly when it is needed.
  • Payment of the employee’s entitlement: The necessary financial benefit is paid to the employee if available.
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Employee Offboarding Checklist Template Word


Employee offboarding checklist template word is a tool that comes with the ease-of-use feature that organizations globally can leverage to manage an employee’s exit. It offers a properly structured offboarding process with vital checklists that will guide the departure of an employee.

Employee offboarding checklist template word can be customized to afford organizations a better employee experience with their workplace. It is an employee offboarding template that assists in achieving a constructive professional assessment of the roles and responsibilities handled by the departing employee. 

This allows the employers to highlight the departing employee’s achievements and skills during his stay with the organization. With this, organizations can manage the knowledge transfer process to the successor because they will know the required skills needed by the successor.

Furthermore, whether the employee resigns, retires, or is dismissed, the employee offboarding checklist template word will make the offboarding process successful.  Also, it will establish the right impression in the employee, thus making him share positive views about an organization among his professional career networks.


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Offboarding Checklist Template Excel


Offboarding checklist template Excel is an offboarding tool that can be easily downloaded and used with ease by companies to manage the exit of their employees. It is an offboarding instrument that assists employers in managing every step in the offboarding process to ensure nothing is left out. 

Offboarding checklist template Excel promotes your employment brand in your bid to deal with the departing employee fairly and professionally. Also, it is a time-saving offboarding instrument that can be modified to suit every organization’s offboarding needs easily. 

It assists companies in planning the communication of an employee’s exit to preserve the dignity of the departing employee. Furthermore, it can determine and document the termination reasons and date for future reference. 

Also, offboarding checklist Excel will prevent organizations from being vulnerable to cyber-attacks and security breaches because it details the process of denying access to the departing employees.

IT offboarding checklist template is a tool used to manage the information technology offboarding checklist of an IT-related organization to ensure a smooth exit of an employee. 


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Onboarding and Offboarding Checklist


Preboarding, onboarding, and offboarding are essential activities that happen in the lifecycle of every employee. Preboarding takes place before day 1 resumption while onboarding is done to properly integrate the employee into the company’s activities. 

However, offboarding is carried out to effectively manage the employee’s departure to ensure a cordial relationship between the employer and the employee. 

No doubt, both onboarding and offboarding processes can be challenging for organizations. However, with the proper onboarding and offboarding checklist, employers are assured of bringing their employees to speed on time in their onboarding exercise and achieving a hitch-free exit with right offboarding. 

Onboarding and offboarding checklists are vital to the growth of an organization because it details the process of seamless integration and termination of an employee from an organization. Every organization should endeavor to have a document of their onboarding and offboarding checklist to boost their reputation. 

This will provide the workforce with valuable information to integrate them into the company’s core activities properly and what is required if they decide to call it quits with the organization.

In reality, employers need to leverage the right tools in planning and executing their onboarding and offboarding processes to achieve the desired goals at a reduced time. For instance, introdus, employee onboarding software is helpful for organizations to manage their onboarding and offboarding processes effectively.

 As a tool, it comes with helpful multimedia content that will aid the integration of the employees. Also, in the same vein, it will assist the workforce in building the proper social interactions with the employer, thereby creating a positive impression in their minds when they are with the organization and when they leave. 

Furthermore, it ensures effective collaboration among the workforce, thus simplifying the knowledge transfer process between the departing employee and the successor.

In conclusion, every organization should avoid anything that could cause ill feelings when employees leave them. It could spur them to portray their employers’ image in a bad light, thereby bastardizing their public perception. Hence the employee offboarding checklist should include the activities that improve the relationship between the organization and the departing employee.

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