How IT Onboarding Checklist Enhances your Experience


IT onboarding checklist helps the newly employed workers to be familiar with the technical system of the process. Irrespective of your level of experience, joining a new organization requires you to be put through by the IT team of your new company to guide you through the integration process to ensure you stay productive as soon as possible.

Generally, business organizations subject their new hires to an onboarding process to aid you successful integration into their workplace. Also, it assists them in coming to speed on time and master the company’s culture, routine activities, and operational process. However, IT plays an important role in the onboarding process because it ensures that the overall process is well structured and streamlined to achieve the onboarding goals and objectives.

The IT onboarding checklist is a series of activities that will create a consistent process to bring new IT hires into an establishment. IT onboarding checklist helps the new employees feel comfortable from day 1 on the job and assists them in collaborating effectively with other co-workers to form a goal-oriented and cohesive team. 

Also, it aids the management in sharing information in a manner that is consistent with everyone. With an IT onboarding checklist, you are assured of not getting lost during the onboarding process because it ensures that you have access to the right information and content to perform effectively in your new roles.

The use of the IT onboarding checklist ensures that you have a consistent experience when accessing and using the systems within the organization. With this, new employers are assured of having a good impression of their employer.

This article discusses the IT onboarding checklist, how it improves the integration process of  in a new workplace.

IT Onboarding Checklist


According to octanner, 86% of new employees decide whether to stay at or leave their new organization within the first 6 months. However, in reality, what forms their decision to quit an employer is the lack of a proper onboarding process, such as using an improper onboarding platform and being subjected to unnecessary paperwork. 

The IT onboarding checklist will set up the necessary account for you to ensure that you are exposed to the correct information, list of equipment, and workplace features to help you get used to your new work terrain.

The following are the advantages of using the IT onboarding checklist.

  • It allows you to be familiar with the hardware and software they will be using in the onboarding process. With this, you can efficiently execute the employee onboarding checklist because you will have a wonderful experience in every activity with the onboarding tools.
  • It simplifies the process of learning and following the security guidelines of the organizations.
  • It makes you feel confident you have the right tools to get your tasks done. For example, you are expected to leverage technology in your onboarding exercise in remote onboarding. When the process is seamless, you can quickly complete your remote onboarding checklist without any hitch. 

Pre & Onboarding Insights

Around the 37% of the new hires don’t receive a program for the first 14 days to 1 month before their first day on the job.

—According to ‘Your Pre & Onboarding Buddy’ eBook by introdus.

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New Hire IT Checklist


The new hire IT checklists assist the newly employed workers to be fully prepared to hit the ground running; in the following steps, we will discuss the critical components of the new hire IT checklist:


Step 1

Initial requirements: In this, what the new employees need to get started are addressed. This includes; arranging for a digital ID pass to be created.

  • Adding the user to the active directory.
  • Configuring your network permission.
  • Setting the new hires up with an internet connection.

Step 2

Email requirements: in this new employee IT checklist, an email account is created for them and access to the company’s clients’ address details.

Step 3

Hardware and Software requirements: Your devices are configured, and you will be set up with the login details.

Step 4

Mobile requirements: here, mobile device management (MDM) is installed on your device to track your activities, mostly if you are operating remotely.

Step 5

Remote working requirements: The new employees are set up with a virtual private network (VPN) connection. Adequate measures will be put in place to ensure you have access to the required resources.


IT Onboarding Checklist Template


An IT onboarding checklist template is an easy-to-use tool leveraged by organizations to ensure that you have the proper tools, email service, security clearance, and access to the internal systems.

Furthermore, an IT onboarding checklist template can list the needed services and tools and each item’s status. Also, it can be used to communicate vital onboarding instructions to the new employees.

An IT onboarding process template is a tool that ensures new employees are provided a great time to value in your onboarding activity with an employer.

An IT onboarding template allows its users to gain full visibility of the IT onboarding priorities, deliverables, and due dates, thereby ensuring that no information is left out.

In your journey with an employer, you are bound to undertake two significant activities: onboarding and offboarding. IT onboarding and offboarding checklist will help organize the proper IT onboarding for new employees and offboarding for departing employees.

The use of the right onboarding tools will assist an organization in getting the better of your IT onboarding checklist. introdus, an employee onboarding software, helps implement the IT onboarding checklist of every organization and will ensure you have a wonderful experience right from day 1 at work. 

As a tool, it will help you monitor every step of the onboarding process to ensure priorities are set and deliverables are made on time.

In conclusion, the onboarding process should be concise, well-structured, and devoid of unnecessary time-wasting activities. With an IT onboarding checklist, you are assured of deriving a wonderful onboarding experience and confidence to hit the ground running on time as a new hire.

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