Client Story

JOE & THE JUICE Expects a 30% Reduction in First-year Churn.

Client Story

Joe & The Juice Expects a 30% Reduction in First-year Churn.

JOE & THE JUICE is committed to internal development and education. Its 100% focus on employee development has created a unique atmosphere within its stores. By also leveraging its strong tech processes, which include a commitment to internal IT development, JOE & THE JUICE has been able to develop a strong global presence with more than 300 stores in 16 countries. The company has a growing presence in Europe and Asia. It is also expanding heavily in the US market.

+ 1.000 employees in 336 stores worldwide

Operating in 16 countries in Europe, Asia and US markets

+ 20 years of harvesting successes

Joe & The Juice

Key Wins


✓ Reduction in First-year Churn

The company is making strides towards improving employee retention by anticipating a 30% decrease in first-year churn rates.

✓ Minimising Time-to-Performance

Their efforts have yielded substantial results in terms of reducing the time it takes for new employees to reach optimal performance levels.

✓ Identifying Key Drivers

Together, we measured their current Pre & Onboarding experience and gained insights into where they should focus their strategy.

✓ New Hire Centric Pre- & Onboarding Program

They created content tailored to their needs. Finally, they designed a targeted Pre & Onboarding program that centered around the employee experience.


Joe & The Juice


We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for our employees from the moment they sign their contract.

—Sebastian Jeppesen, Group Head of People Operations at JOE & THE JUICE.

The Challenge

Joe & The Juice was looking for reduce their first-year churn. The hospitality industry is known for having a high churn rate due to the nature of the work, which often involves long hours, shift work, and low wages. Many employees view it as a stepping stone to other industries or roles, which can lead to turnover.

In some cases, new employees in the hospitality industry may not receive adequate training or support to help them succeed in their roles. This can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction, ultimately resulting in employee churn.

The Solutions

We identified the key drivers of our Pre & Onboarding experience and worked together to measure their current state. Through this process, we gained valuable insights into areas where we should focus our strategy to improve the overall experience. We used our Pre & Onboarding model to ask more than 4.000 employees about their onboarding experience. We analysed their results and designed a focused Pre & Onboarding programme with Introdus’ Onboarding Review.

By taking a data-driven approach, we can prioritize initiatives that will have the greatest impact on employee retention and satisfaction. With a clear understanding of what matters most to our employees during the Pre & Onboarding process, we can design a more effective and efficient experience that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. This will ultimately lead to better outcomes for both our employees and our organization.

From the findings of our analysis of the Pre & Onboarding experience, we identified areas where we could improve the process by providing better guidance and support to our new hires. One of the key areas we identified was the need for more engaging and interactive training materials that could help employees better understand our culture, values, and expectations.

To address this need, we decided to create videos and animated modules that could be easily accessed and consumed by our new hires. These materials would be designed to provide a more engaging and interactive experience, making it easier for employees to learn and retain information.

We worked with a team of instructional designers, content creators, and video producers to develop a series of modules that covered various aspects of our Pre & Onboarding process. These modules were designed to be short, concise, and visually appealing, with clear and easy-to-follow instructions.

The videos and animated modules covered topics such as our company culture, history, and values, as well as specific job-related tasks and processes. We also included interactive quizzes and assessments to test employees’ knowledge and understanding of the materials.

As soon as the contract is signed, the Preboarding programme begins. It gives the new employee a great start even before the first working day.

During the first 30 days, the new hire goes through a series of relevant activities across the 6 onboarding dimensions: Culture, Rules, Network, Collaboration, Competences and Performance. This helps them to integrate faster into the team and it will make them stay longer in the job.

Joe & The Juice


Thanks to the end-to-end solution provided by Introdus, we expect to see a 30% reduction in first-year churn.

—Sebastian Jeppesen, Group Head of People Operations at JOE & THE JUICE.

Find out how Joe & The Juice expects a 30% reduction in first-year churn

To reduce their churn rate, one of Scandinavia’s most successful companies turned to a Pre & Onboarding strategy. To start, they examined their Onboarding Review to determine where to focus their employee introduction process. Next, they created content tailored to their needs, and finally, designed a targeted Pre & Onboarding program that centered around the employee experience.

Find out how Joe & The Juice expects a 30% reduction in first-year churn

New Employee Testimonial

When you are at work at Joe & The Juice, you feel like you’re having fun.

—Tamara Isabel Evers-Thomsen, ‘Juicer’ at JOE & THE JUICE.

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