Achieving a Hitch-Free Onboarding Day in a Workplace


Onboarding day is the day you are exposed to a series of events that will help you understand how to be successful in your day-to-day job activities and how you can contribute your part to the overall growth of your new workplace.

During your onboarding first day in a new company, you are required to undergo an onboarding process that includes your formal introduction to your department. Again, you will learn the culture and the core business goals of your employer.

No doubt, when the activities of the day onboarding schedule are properly planned, then the right impression will be created in your mind about your new company. According to Shannon McAlister, office manager at Zumper, providing an excellent first-day experience excites and prepares new hires to make a meaningful contribution. 

In a research carried out by Glassdoor, it was revealed that great onboarding could boost employee retention by 82%. This revelation shows that your commitment and loyalty to an organization boil down to the onboarding day 1 experience you have in a workplace. Also, it forms your decision whether to continue with the organization or not. 

This article discusses onboarding day and how it creates the right impression in the minds of new hires. Also, it will address employee first day and new employee first-day checklist.

What to Expect During the Onboarding Day


During the onboarding day, you must learn the details of your job roles and responsibilities, such as how to properly complete the vital tasks, the right channel to explore when you have questions, how to get approval for your job.

The challenges that new hires face during the onboarding process are excessive paperwork and a lack of role clarity. However, the goal of your onboarding day should assist you in overcoming these challenges by helping you make connections between the organizational goals and your day-to-day tasks. 

It offers you a comprehensive insight into what is expected from your roles, establishes the sequence of events, sets you up for optimum performance. Also, it provides you with helpful content that will enhance your understanding of your job roles, thus empowering you to contribute immensely to the organization’s growth. 

A channel of effective communication should be established between you and your employer in the course of the onboarding process. It helps communicate what you are expected to deliver to the organization and how to go about achieving them.

For instance, the 30/60/90 onboarding plan is a strategic outline of the job expectations over the first days at work. The 30/60/90 onboarding plan offers you a transparent roadmap that lets you know how to navigate your first 90 days at the new workplace. It includes specific goals, dates, and whom to work with to achieve the desired objectives. 

Also, using the first 90 days onboarding checklist will enhance your productivity and on-the-job performance by providing you with comprehensive activities and tasks to be carried out over the first 90 days at work. This will ensure you have insight into your overall tasks, thereby missing out on nothing essential and delivering as expected. 

Onboarding Day

A great onboarding could boost employee retention by 82%.

—According to Glassdoor.

Getting the Best of the Employee First Day


An employee first day at work says a lot about his work journey with an employer. It is either a make or mar time for your success with a new company. Picture this, on your first day at work, you have a positive, welcoming experience that makes you feel at home and reinforces a good sense of joining such an organization. 

Without mincing words, this will spur you to give your commitment and loyalty in return. In addition, the employee first day should set the stage for a long-term working relationship between you and your employer, which improves your organization’s employee retention and reduces employee turnover in the process.

Resuming as a new employee comes with anxiety, but it can be addressed with a new employee first-day agenda geared towards building the right connection with other colleagues. Building the right connection with other team members will enhance your confidence to excel in your roles.

In the next subtitle, we will discuss the new employee first-day checklist to ease your transition into a new job. 

Onboarding Day

Over 88% of new hires think there is room for improvement in their onboarding programs.

—According to Gallup.

New Employee First-Day Checklist


In the following steps are the new employee first-day checklist:

  • Introduction to your colleagues: ahead of your day 1 resumption, your colleagues would have been informed of your resumption, and you will be introduced to them as a new team member. This helps you build the required connection with them to ensure effective collaboration.
  • Facility: here, you will be taken around the workplace vicinity such as the production department, offices, kitchen, and restrooms. Also, you will be shown the work tools and instruments of the company. 
  • Introduction to work schedule: the details of the first-day onboarding schedule of the organization will be communicated to you, and you will be put through the new employee first-week schedule that highlights the activities you will undergo in your first week on the job. Furthermore, the long-term schedules will also be communicated to you.
  • Assignment of a work buddy: you will be assigned a buddy to assist you in adjusting quickly to the work environment. Also, a buddy will put you through the culture and organizational structure of the company to aid your understanding of the company’s vision, mission, goals, top management members and their roles.
  • Preparation for the necessary training: here, the skills you need to perform your role effectively will be explained. The required training you will undergo will be arranged to aid your competence.

For example, on Twitter’s onboarding day, the new hires are offered a Yes to Desk program, a 75-step journey designed to aid their seamless transition into the company and their new role. On their first working day, new hires will be given a welcome kit and everything they need for further work. Also, they will embark on a tour of Twitter’s office and have breakfast with the CEO of the organization. 

Employee onboarding software like introdus will provide a wonderful onboarding day experience that will aid your capacity to come to speed in your new roles and perform optimally. 

According to Gallup, only 12% of employees are convinced that their companies have a good onboarding process and this shows that 88% of new hires think there is room for improvement in their onboarding programs.  

A wonderful onboarding day experience will help you build the right engagement with your job and, in the same vein, helps you align with your company’s mission, goals, and culture and thus ensuring a smooth transition into your roles.

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