Social Benefits of a Good Onboarding Programme


Although it might not be the first factor that springs to mind when evaluating the influence of onboarding for your employee life cycle, the social benefits of a good onboarding programme should never be disregarded.

We at introdus, employee onboarding software, believe that culture awareness, social integration and building relationships must be a focal point and some clear social benefits of a good onboarding programme. After all, connectedness to one’s work organisation is linked to higher employee engagement rates and performance outcomes.

This article will illustrate what are the positive impacts of onboarding for new staff. We will highlight the fact that successful onboarding cannot occur without sufficient consideration being paid to social onboarding. As such, we will argue in favour of utilising relationship-building processes such as the onboarding buddy in order to boost the outcomes of onboarding.

The Social Benefits of Onboarding Translate into Employee Engagement


Onboarding new employees is one of the most critical cross-functional processes in a company, involving a hiring manager, HR, IT, facilities, training, etc.

A successful onboarding of an employee would require the participation of multiple members across the organization. An employee onboarding flow chart would ensure that events are properly sequenced and that the potential for overburdening team members is reduced, thus allowing for better social benefits of a good onboarding programme.

Social Benefits of a Good Onboarding Programme Insights

Onboarding new employees is one of the most critical cross-functional processes in a company, involving a hiring manager, HR, IT, facilities, training, etc.

—According to Harvard Business Review.


Your loyalty to an organisation is dependent on the depth of social relationships established within the organisation, and not just the work itself and the benefits you obtain out of it.

The social benefits of onboarding, especially the ability to establish close relationships at work is linked to increased talent retention, and increased business outcomes. Gallup identified that employees who declare having a best friend at work are 35% more likely to report coworker commitment to quality and 27% more likely to report that the mission of their company makes them feel their job is important.

Thus, the most engaged employees are the ones who have strong connections with their co-workers and managers.

In this context, it is essential that the onboarding process enables you to build these connections by assigning a mentor and/ or a buddy as early as possible. Both figures can guide you through the onboarding process and enhance your employee experiences, making you feel safe and well taken care of.


The Purpose of Onboarding. What is Social Onboarding?


The purpose of onboarding extends far beyond signing paperwork, setting up your taxes and shaking the hands of your new coworkers. Although it might seem that onboarding is strictly focused on getting you up and running in your new job, by providing you with the right tools and information enabling you to start performing, we strongly believe there is much more to onboarding. Here is where social onboarding comes in.

We believe social onboarding to be the fundamental purpose of an onboarding programme as a whole. We could define social onboarding as the process enabling cultural and social integration and relationship-building.

We define our ideals on the purpose of onboarding on the data from our own customers and beneficiaries of our Pre & Onboarding Platform, introdus.

Social Benefits of a Good Onboarding Programme Insights

We can see from our data and our customers that the best ingredient in Pre & Onboarding is the buddy. It generates relationships, security and insight.

—Stefan Sjørslev, Pre & Onboarding Specialist at introdus.

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If you are intrigued on how a buddy onboarding programme works and how it can improve your onboarding experiences, we have devoted an entire article to it on our Blog HR.


Benefits of Onboarding Programmes


Onboarding at most organizations focuses on paperwork and administrative processes rather than the more important elements of people, culture, and performance. Sure, administrative work has to be performed, but this is far from being the end goal of onboarding. As such we are differentiating between two main pillars pertaining to the benefits of onboarding programmes:

New Hire Proficiency

Social tools can improve employee onboarding, and no example is more illustrative than the buddy onboarding programme.

HCI reports that 87% of organizations that do assign a buddy programme to their new employee during the onboarding process say that it is an efficient way to boost new hire proficiency. However, only 53% of all the respondents to the study confirmed utilising a buddy programme as part of their onboarding process.

Onboarding buddies can be seen as culture ambassadors, who can orient and acclimate you to your new company in a bid to ensure best company fit. Since the buddy onboarding is more informal, there is less pressure on you, which might prevent you asking “too many questions,” or not wanting to appear unprepared due to all the information you might still feel like you need.

Building Meaningful Social Connections

Additionally, another of the social benefits of a good onboarding programme is building an internal network not only within your department but also across departments.

49% of the respondents of our Pre & Onboarding Survey 2021 revealed that they did not get introduced at all to other departments of the company during their onboarding programme.

We consider this to be a huge missed opportunity. If your company hasn’t already planned a cross-training or an introduction to the other departments during your onboarding period, it will be a good idea to ask whether you could book short introductory meetings in the first weeks.

Meeting colleagues across all departments will give you the chance to hear more about their role & responsibilities. After all, you are all working towards accomplishing the same goals!

So, team and organisational cohesion can only occur when you feel like you belong to the company and like you are putting all your efforts towards a shared mission and objectives.

Social Benefits of a Good Onboarding Programme Insights

49% of employees did not get introduced at all to other departments of the company during their onboarding programme.

—According to ‘Your Pre & Onboarding Buddy’ eBook 2021.

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The Key Benefits of Effective Onboarding


You might be wondering, what are the benefits of an effective onboarding process and when exactly is onboarding considered effective?

There are multiple benefits of effective onboarding for all the parts involved in the programme, not just the employee. Thus, an onboarding programme is effective when:

  1. It acclimates you to your new role;
  2. It acclimates you to the company’s philosophies, and what the company has to offer;
  3. It offers a human connection – rather than purely focusing on bureaucratic elements;
  4. It engages you – making you feel committed to the company’s success;
  5. It makes you confident with what you can bring to the team, and how fast you can become productive;
  6. It helps retain you by making you feel like a member of the team from the very beginning.


To conclude, the benefits of onboarding materialise in you being confident that you made the right choice accepting the job offer:

  • If the promises made to you as a candidate reflect the reality of the workplace,
  • If you connect to the company culture, its mission and objectives,
  • If you feel like your work will have a purpose and will be meaningful,
  • If you feel like your team is cohesive and focused on key measurable objectives,
  • If you feel like you were provided with the appropriate trainings and work tools,
  • If you feel like you have all the support channels you might need in order to be productive,
  • If you feel motivated and ready to contribute quality work as soon as possible,
  • If you feel like your needs and expectations are being taken into consideration by your team and management,

Then, you are enjoying the professional and social benefits of a successful onboarding programme.

With introdus, Pre & Onboarding software, you can enjoy all the social onboarding benefits, such as early communication opportunities, a structured timeline journey that includes regular check-ins with your co-workers and manager, as well as participation in the onboarding buddy programme.

Our platform offers a great way to get you connected to the company’s culture and values much more effectively. It makes you feel like your social experiences matter for the company, and that you are safe on your path towards full integration and productivity.

Enhance the Social Benefits of a Good Onboarding Programme with a Pre & Onboarding Software.


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