Pre & Onboarding Summit 2022

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 22, 2022

Experimentarium Auditorium – Hellerup, Denmark

This event is held in Danish.

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Employee-Centric & Structured Introductions


The biggest HR Summit in Scandinavia specialised in Pre & Onboarding processes is taking place. This year’s main subject will be focused on how to build a strong culture for new employees when growing globally – everything from best practices to employee psychology.
We will also share the results of our annual survey where employees worldwide are participating to share better insights on how Preboarding and Onboarding are heading and perceived globally.
We will discuss different solutions and trends to build new hire experiences, to share methods, experiences and tools so you will be informed and equipped to start up or optimise your current Pre & Onboarding processes.
You will also get our newest book with the latest insight on current practices within Preboarding and Onboarding.

250 +


175 +

HR Decision Makers

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Global Organisations

Key Speakers

Meet our Pre & Onboarding experts for this year’s summit.

Pre & Onboarding Summit 2022 – free ticket

This year’s summit is graced with the presence of Claus Jeppesen from Legoland, who will share with us the best insights to understand how to build a strong culture for new employees.

Pre & Onboarding Summit 2022 – free ticket

We are honored by the presence of Kasper Ulf Nielsen from Leapeo. He is an employee onboarding specialist, focused on making leaders better onboarding managers.

2022 Programme

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 22

13:30h. Welcome & Convenient
14:00h. New Employees Experiences
14:40h. Pre & Onboarding Report 2022
15:20h. Keynote speaker – Claus Jeppesen, HR Director at LEGOLAND Billund Resort.
15:40h. Pause
16:20h. Keynote speaker – Kasper Ulf Nielsen, Employee Onboarding Specialist from Leapeo.
17:00h. Open debate
Ending Reception
13:30h. Welcome & Convenient
14:00h. Pre & Onboarding Report 2022
14:40h. Keynote speaker – Claus Jeppesen, HR Director at LEGOLAND Billund Resort.
15:20h. Pause
15:40h. Keynote speaker – Kasper Ulf Nielsen, Employee Onboarding Specialist from Leapeo.
16:20h. Open debate
17:00h. Ending Reception

Our Previous Speakers

Meet and learn from the world’s leading Pre & Onboarding experts.


Ulf Hahnemann

Former CHRO at A.P. Møller Mærsk.

Trust in the Organization

Gitte Mandrup

Business-Driven HR Expert.

The ROI of HR Activities

Stefan Sjørslev

Specialist in Pre & Onboarding.

Pre & Onboarding Master Class

Anders Thorup

Co-Founder & CEO of introdus.

Pre & Onboarding Report 2021

Watch 2021 Highlights

Get a sense of the immersive feeling at this Pre & Onboarding Summit, where thousands of new connections were established and HR professionals got inspirations to improve their strategies.

Ulf Hahneman Highlights


Ulf Hahnemann, the former CHRO at A.P. Møller Mærsk gave insights in 2021 that are extremely valuable for both employees and HR leaders.

Gitte Mandrup Highlights


In 2021, Gitte Mandrup, the author of Forretningsdrevet HR (Business-Driven HR), shared how HR generates revenue and value to the company.

Pre & Onboarding Summit 2022 – free ticket

This is why you should attend


✔️  Receive the latest results of the Pre & Onboarding Survey 2022, made to more than 2.000 employees worldwide.

✔️  Develop your HR strategy focused on gaining engagement and decrease the employee rotation from the moment new hires sign their contracts.

✔️  Get real experiences from new employees around the world.

✔️  Get our latest book for free specialized in Structured Pre & Onboarding Journeys, employee-centric – including a psychologist’s interview and different downloaded Pre & Onboarding programmes.

✔️   Get inspired with the newest ideas about Pre & Onboarding processes

✔️   Expand your network. Small and global enterprises, specially located on Scandinavia will assist.

Pre & Onboarding Summit 2021 Insights

When you have trust in the organization, employees bring ideas and are enthusiastic.

Ulf Hahnemann, former CHRO at A.P. Møller Mærsk.


We (HR) fail to communicate the value we actually generate.

—Gitte Mandrup, Business Driven HR Expert.

Trusted by The Best

These established companies joined us last year, in challenging the status quo of various HR strategies.

Pre & Onboarding Summit 2022 – free ticket

Pre & Onboarding Summit 2021 Insights

One of the biggest questions a new employee has is: ‘Did I make the right choice?’ We risk that a part of these employees will become one of that 25% who leaves within a year.

—Stefan Sjørslev, specialist in Pre & Onboarding processes.

Pre & Onboarding Summit 2021 Insights

It’s easier to act, when you know what you are supposed to react on. It’s easier to prepare yourself when you know what to expect.

Anders Thorup, Co-founder & CEO of introdus.

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