What Does Onboarding Mean for a Job?


You’ve just signed your new job contract, but you find yourself wondering: what does onboarding mean for a job? Does onboarding mean for a job anything more than signing the right paperwork, doing the orientation courses and meeting all my teammates? We got you covered with all the necessary details!

In fact, many companies choose to exclusively focus their onboarding on administrative processes. We at introdus, employee onboarding software, believe that companies that do not take full advantage of the many opportunities presented by the onboarding process cannot be more wrong!

So, this article is going to unequivocally answer the question of what does onboarding mean for a job. We will demonstrate the major roles that onboarding plays for your job performance, success and satisfaction.


Onboarding Insights

Onboarding fulfills promises made during recruitment and lays the foundation for the rest of the employee life cycle.

—According to Gallup.

What Does Onboarding Mean for a Job? Onboarding Objectives


You deserve an awesome start at your new job. You achieved that position among many candidates. It was a complex and competitive hiring process.

But oftentimes employee integration has been a challenge to a lot of new hires at the start of their employment.

You want to be productive and start contributing to your team. You aim to start engaging right away, and you want to feel satisfied with your new role. But there’s as much that you could do on your own in order to reach these goals.

It is your company that has to ensure that you have access to any work instruments, information, skill training, support mechanisms and social tools for your full integration into your new role, your new team and an unfamiliar company culture. So the ball is in the company’s court: what is your organisation doing to maximise your Pre & Onboarding experiences? Are they doing everything they could, or could they improve?

Answering the question “How would you best describe the onboarding programme at your current organisation?”, the majority of respondents of an HCI study, 37%, described the company’s onboarding as “a formal programme focused on processes and paperwork.” The second highest share of respondents, 21%, described the onboarding practices of their organisation as an “informal, inconsistent, or reactive programme focused on processes and paperwork.”

These results highlight the tendency of companies to focus on formal paperwork processes, rather than on the employee experience. We believe that this is a missed opportunity, and we will illustrate what effective onboarding can mean for you at the initial stage of your new employee lifecycle.

Onboarding Insights

 92% of new hires think that a structured Onboarding process is crucial for them to get a great start at their new job.

—According to ‘Your Pre & Onboarding Buddy’ eBook 2021.

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1. Onboarding Means Convincing You of Making the Right Choice


Effective onboarding can convince you that you are in the right place at the right time. While in the talent attraction and recruitment phase of the employee journey, the interaction with the company is made on promises and expectations of returns, onboarding provides an opportunity for you to fully grasp your employee value proposition in action.

The employee value proposition is no longer a claim being made to you as a candidate — you start living those promises day to day through the organisation culture. The more you are convinced that you made the right choice, the lower the risk for you seeking other opportunities and your company registering high new hire turnover rates.

However, if onboarding does not convince you that the company realistically has the capacity to fulfill those early promises, you will feel disconnected and inclined to pursue new opportunities right away.

Onboarding Insights

One of the biggest questions a new employee has is: ‘Did I make the right choice?’ and it is the duty of the HR and management of the company to offer an appropriate answer to this question.

—Stefan Sjørslev, Pre & Onboarding Specialist at introdus.

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2. Onboarding Means Engagement


Employee engagement can be defined as your level of emotional involvement and commitment to your working organisation and its mission and goals.

Employee engagement is a fundamental new employee onboarding metric for any organisation, as the higher the level of engagement, the higher the business outcomes of the company. Korn Ferry highlights that organisations in the top quartile on engagement demonstrate revenue growth 2.5 times that of organisations in the bottom quartile. Moreover, revenue growth jumps to 4.5 times in companies where employees are also highly enabled.


3. Onboarding Means Social Connection


Onboarding presents many social benefits for new employees, as social integration is a key component of a good onboarding process.

Your loyalty to an organisation is dependent on the depth of social relationships established within the organisation, and not just the work itself and the benefits you obtain out of it.

Gallup identified that employees who declare having a best friend at work are 35% more likely to report coworker commitment to quality


4. Onboarding Means Job Preparedness for Future Excellence


The Onboarding phase is essential to empower you to achieve the best possible performance in your new role. It will give you all the knowledge, skills, and confidence to shine in your new position.

Moreover, although your company will have some predefined processes and targets for the onboarding phase, it is essential that there is room for you to express your needs and ask for supplementary support in case of need.

Unfortunately, only 52% of companies report being able to match specific onboarding practices to how much support the employee needs during the transition, according to HCI.

In order to be prepared for future excellence, you need to be self-aware of your journey, the requirements for gaining productive independence.

Successive onboarding means keeping track of your progress and having a structured framework based on milestones for achieving fast productivity in your job.


5. Onboarding Means Job Satisfaction


If onboarding has made you feel engaged with your new workplace, and confident with what you can add to it, there is a very high chance that you are highly satisfied with your job, maybe even more than what you would have expected.

Employees with an exceptional onboarding experience are 2.6 times as likely to be extremely satisfied with their place of work, according to HCI.

Additionally, Gallup identified that those employees who strongly agree that their onboarding process was exceptional are 3.3 times as likely to strongly agree their job is as good, or better, than expected.

Onboarding Insights

Without a flying start in a new job, chances are that the new employee will not deliver on expectations and will not feel their work is meaningful.

—Christian Harpelund, Onboarding Consultant and Author.

We hope that we answered in a comprehensive manner to your question of what does onboarding mean for a job? Regardless of the industry in which you work, your level of experience and expertise, your preferred workforce model, you deserve a good start at your new job journey. Of course that you will put in all your best intentions and efforts, but you need all the structural, social and administrative frameworks that can ensure that you get the best out of your new employment journey.

introdus is here to help you get the best possible start. introdus is not just another hiring tool full of standard workflows. Its mission is to help you to have the best Pre & Onboarding journey from the moment you sign the employment contract, enabling you to learn about your new organisation and stay up to date on your future role and projects. Maybe you want to get to know more about your new company, meet the team, or start building relationships with your new colleagues: introdus has got your back.

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