Introdus’ 2023 in Review: New features, improvements, and more

As 2023 comes to a close, it’s an opportune moment to reflect on the transformative journey we’ve had this year! This year has been a landmark, not just for the platform, but for the company at large. The platform have been marked by significant enhancements and a deepened commitment to user experience.
In this post, we’ll delve into the most notable milestones and improvements that have shaped Introdus in 2023, underscoring its evolution as a leading-edge platform.

2023 in Review: New features, improvements, and more

New Management

As you may or may not be aware, Introdus received new management in 2023 as Christian Harpelund stepped in as CEO of the company.

Read the full on our press page here


API Integration(s)

This year we decided to really narrow in our place in the HR software suite and get really sharp on where we fit there. As it turns out, not surprisingly, most companies using Introdus also have several other softwares for their HR needs.
As such, our efforts have been focused on making sure we can collaborate with those other systems, spinning up several succesful integrations, across SAP, Microsoft and most recently, Emply.

Supporting other systems not only makes Introdus an easier choice, but easily makes our value much more apparent, in that any new hire being recruited through any number of external systems, can now automatically have their preboarding learning triggered without any human interaction!

Now that, is what we call easy 🎉



We have made a large amount of updates to our FastTrack product during the year. Ever since merging with Leapeo we decided to move the Review and FastTrack products into the Introdus platform and it’s been an on-going process to take it from that state and make it even better. Not only is the experience of going through the Survey much better, but moving it all to one platform allows us to present all your data in one dashboard. A big win, if you ask us 😎


User Manual

2023 would also prove the year where we added the early beginnings of a user manual to our website. The user manual serves as a place to get answers to common questions and learn how to complete common work flows.

Forgot how to invite a new hire? Check out the user manual. Not sure how to change a message type? Check out the user manual! The list goes on.

We are still here if you ever need help, and there’s few things we enjoy as much as talking to our customers, but sometimes it can be frustrating having to call someone or wait for an email response to move ahead with something you were in the middle of. This should help you do what you need, much faster.

2023 in Review: New features, improvements, and more

New Video Player

For many of our clients, accessibility is an important aspect of what our application brings to the table. As humans comes in many sizes, shapes and form, so does new hires. As such it’s always been an on-going effort of ours to provide a user experience that supports just that.

Part of those effort, is the recent change of our video player in the platform. Video needs to support a number of accessibility options, while at the same time providing an enjoyable viewing experience.
Our new player is built to support all known web-formats, and built for the browser using modern HTML5. In total, this improves viewing experience while reducing the number of playback errors for all video content.

Messages & Email deliverability

During the year of 2023 we have taken several stabs at improving our messages section of the platform, including the transparency of various message types, and email deliverability.

On the deliverability side we have seen a huge improvement, and we almost never fail to deliver an email.  This is a huge improvement from the past, and something we’re incredibly excited about!

We are making efforts to improve delivery even further, in order to meet less friction when working with strict firewalls or security layers around companies protected with such. Unfortunately we still see the odd case of emails not being delivered due to company firewall and spam filters.

The layout of messages have been improved to increase readability and transparency. Now the editor much more accurately reflects ‘what you see is what you get’ and no longer forces text to be centered in the email template.
We also added the opportunity for you to add in variables for certain things such as #FIRST_NAME#, #START_DATE# and more, which will insert the appropriate value before sending out the email.

2023 in Review: New features, improvements, and more

Transparency & simplicity

We’ve gotten used to getting questions around our product and why things are they way they are. So used to it, in fact, that we never stopped to ponder “are things too complex?”

As some of you may know, I like to keep a sticky note on my monitor, to remind me that our product should be simple, before everything else.

In 2023 we made massive strides towards simplifying things and as we did with messages, we applied the same principles across the platform to make it much more manageable.

As part of a long list of changes, a few worth mentioning are:

  • Removing the ’30 day logic’, when assigning timelines
  • Re-organizing input forms, such as the invite page and tasklist assign page
  • Simplifying message type descriptions (its now much clearer what each message does!)
  • Moved all products to same top-level domain
  • Launched a growing user manual
  • And much, much more…

But we couldn’t have done it without all of our valued clients, so thank you all kindly for contributing to improving our product in order to bring you the best possible tools for onboarding new hires.

Where Are We Going in 2024?

That covers our review of 2023! As we’ve already begun planning out the next year, we’re more than happy to share some of our ideas for what’s happening next year.

Most importantly we are going to address the growing need for flexible learning journeys, that varies from hire to hire and will have slight nuances in various departments of a modern company. So we will be addressing our options for doing just that; designing timelines in a way that more accurately matches modern requirements for such onboarding journeys.

Next up on our list is doing much more work with integrations. We want to make Introdus the obvious choice for your pre- and onboarding needs, and we believe the best way to do that is to collaborate with the softwares that solves the other HR problems much better than we can. So to that end we want to focus more on integrating into established as well as new systems, in order to create seamless and automated onboarding flows.

Analytics: We want to give you much more actionable and telling insights into how onboarding is going in your organization. One of the very first steps to that end will be implementing an analytics dashboard for your FastTrack and Review surveys, so you can accurately measure how things are moving with regards to your Onboarding Index™️.


Did we miss anything?

If there’s anything you feel like we missed, or you have any needs or wants that are not covered on this list, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us 🙏


Martin Aarhus Gregersen

Martin is the CTO at Introdus and manages all things technical. Between writing code and updating our product, Martin is also responsible for setting the direction of development, and is often involved with customers to get a sense of where they want us to go.

When time is available, Martin also spends some time writing about our product improvements and planning the roadmap.

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