Revolutionise Your Employee Onboarding & Training with Engaging Videos: Ultimate Guide


Employee onboarding and training are important factors when it comes to determining the success of the organisation. Say goodbye to traditional hiring and onboarding methods because the digital age has made a switch to the way we work.

Instead of making your employees read long text scripts, you can create videos that simplify the process and help them better understand what they need to know for their upcoming tasks. 97% of people believe watching videos is an excellent way to educate and welcome someone. In this case, it’s the employee.

Don’t go anywhere because in this article, we will learn more about employee onboarding and training with videos.


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Employee onboarding and training with videos

Employee onboarding is orienting new workers with the information they need to know about the company they’re joining. The way information can be processed depends on how the company chooses to communicate it.

Overall, it guides newcomers into becoming successful employees and integrates them in the organisation’s culture and long-term developments. One effective strategy organisations tend to use is onboarding videos, which can effectively communicate all necessary information to newcomers.

Don’t forget that videos create a more effective onboarding process, which is important for long-term employee retention and loyalty. Statistics show that only 12% of employees claim that their organisation did a good job during the onboarding process.

Employees with a better onboarding process will be more engaged and thus, have lower turnover rates, less absenteeism and increased employee satisfaction.

Onboarding and training videos are an excellent way to orientate newcomers, showing them the following:

  • The type of work they’ll be doing
  • The company’s culture
  • Core values of the company
  • Other important information
  • Teaching them new skills they’ll need
  • Strengthening their current skills

We know that videos might not be the same as face-to-face interactions and training, but many companies are leaning towards hybrid working schedules and making online interactions necessary.


4 types of employee onboarding videos you can use

Onboarding videos are a great way to allow leaders and managers to focus on more important tasks throughout the day. This can be done by building a collection of onboarding videos that are part of the onboarding process.


Welcome videos

The first video that should be included in the onboarding process is a welcome video. Welcome videos should come from higher powers in the organisation, such as the CEO, the supervisor, or anyone responsible for this part.

Welcome videos are excellent for reducing anxiety on the first day at work. They are also great for answering newcomers’ questions during the first days.

Moreover, it’s another excellent way to show the company’s values and all of the developments your business is trying to make. Showing newcomers that you have a purpose is important and makes them feel prepared for what is to come.


Cultural videos

Another excellent approach for extending a warm welcome, embraced by some of our clients, involves capturing the essence of the company culture through the voices of its people.

At its core, our culture thrives because of our diverse workforce. Envision inviting employees to share their perspectives on our culture—whether defining it, offering insights for new hires, or simply expressing their creativity. This dynamic portrayal not only introduces newcomers to our culture but also highlights the vibrant tapestry of our team.

Analysis of Video Learning Effectiveness

90% of organisations agree that video training effectively communicates information and allows newcomers to learn.

— The Futurum Group.

Training videos

Newcomers have yet to learn what will happen at their new job, so you need to educate and help them develop new skills for excelling at their work.

Training videos for employees might require some effort to make because it takes newcomers time to develop the required day-to-day skills. Don’t expect everyone to execute all the tasks from the first day. Also, let’s not forget not to overload newcomers with information.

Video training can achieve two important things during employee onboarding:

  • Divide training material into sections to avoid information overload
  • Allow newcomers to access this information whenever. This is helpful for them when they get stuck somewhere.

You need to allow your team to process information slowly and not confuse them from the first days.


Company policy videos

When you join a new organisation, you need to learn more about its policies. A company policy onboarding video should include the following information:

  • Guidelines regarding behavior and ethics
  • Discrimination policies
  • Workplace harassment policies

In short, to make the video easier to follow, you can include dos and don’ts. This saves the HR team considerable time from delivering the same presentation over and over.

Revolutionise Your Employee Onboarding & Training with Engaging Videos: Ultimate Guide

Consider an employee benefit provider

Employee benefits providers contribute to the onboarding process by ensuring employees receive the perks, compensation and required support they deserve. This improves the onboarding process and the training process.

Choosing an employee benefit company is not difficult, but before you do so you need to make sure they have the following:

  • Experience working in a similar business
  • Flexible benefits package
  • Interest regarding employee experience goals
  • Identical values to you.

To make your decision easier, here are some top employee benefits providers you can choose from:

  • Perkbox: This is an international rewards and benefits platform that stores your benefits into one platform and is user-friendly. There are more than 1,000 discounts on perks and their motto is that ‘’’there’s always something for someone’’. Perbox has a wellness hub that supports employee’s well-being, which is highly important for newcomers and makes them feel better in the first weeks.
  • Medicash: Medicash is excellent for re-claiming healthcare expenses quickly. Employees can find everything they need from the app, but all the extra benefits include discounts on gym memberships, diagnostic apps, etc.
  • Benefitfocus: Offers cloud-based software for organisations that deliver a wide range of insurance benefits. It also allows the admin team to benefit from administrative features, including robust reporting, data management, etc.

As you make your decision, consider comparing the offerings of different providers and assessing which benefits align with your business’s immediate needs. It’s worth noting the potential impact a chosen provider can have on your onboarding process.


3 tips to follow for creating high-quality onboarding videos

There are three important steps to follow when creating high-quality onboarding videos. They are the following.


Make your onboarding video clear and short

A high-quality onboarding video should have clear goals for the business and its plan. The beginning can start out with an introduction on yourself, the company’s culture and how it has developed over the years. Don’t forget to add subtitles to your videos.

Don’t keep everyone waiting, so you want to avoid making long videos. Onboarding videos are best short because the first days should be the most relaxed and prevent information overload at every cost.


Have a different outline for each industry

Having the same onboarding video for each industry is not a smart idea. You want to personalise and make the maximum impact. Here are some examples.


The healthcare industry
For example, if you’re in the healthcare industry, you need to have a highly persuasive and engaging video. Healthcare industries will usually talk about trending information like post-COVID, medicines, daily responsibilities, the company’s policies, what team members will be dealing with and how a day would look like.

Vita healthcare has an excellent video you can watch as an example for your onboarding video in the healthcare industry.

Financial industry
Financial onboarding videos will describe financial projects, customers, the customer journey, and the company’s goals and history. Your main goal in a financial onboarding video is to discuss two important things:

  • Talk about the companies terminologies and journey
  • End with what the company is trying to achieve and where they are now

It would also be a great idea to include other employees in the video that can share their experiences over the years and how they felt at the beginning. We took an excellent example from The Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) welcome video.

You’ll see that throughout the video, older employees are talking about their experiences and how they felt at the beginning. This motivates newcomers and significantly reduces their anxiety during the first days.

Onboarding videos in the education industry to be clear on point. This is to explain how the education industry works, its purpose, daily operations and how new employees contribute to all of this.

A good example in this case is Hubspot. They hit the bingo with a short three-minute video about Hubspot’s culture and how it offers the perfect work environment and has a team of experts.

Use a tool for creating your onboarding video

The final step to creating your onboarding video is to use a tool that makes the process quick and easy. At Introdus, we specialise in curating comprehensive content packages, encompassing diverse mediums such as photography, content animation, and expert video production. For those seeking additional AI-powered alternatives, consider exploring the following renowned options:

  • Synthesia
  • Flexclip
  • Panopto
  • Wideo

There are many options, but you must see which tool fits your requirements best. Also, don’t forget about the industry you are in and see the video examples we provided you with.


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Ensure your onboarding videos are accessible to everyone

There’s always a little stress on the first day of work and when you have newcomers, you want to make your materials available for everyone, including those with special needs.

Here are a few tips you can follow for doing so:

  • Use image alternative text in all visuals: People with visual impairments might struggle to follow up with many graphics in your videos. Try adding an alt text to each of your graphics and ensure that key information is seen well, ensuring that it’s not lost to those who can’t see the images visually.
  • Add captions: For all of your video content, it must include captions. Audio descriptions allow everyone to gather information on actions, scene changes, on-screen text not spoken in the video and more. This makes the onboarding video more accessible to those with low vision or hearing deficiencies.
  • Set a reading order: In your onboarding vision, you will most likely have a presentation to show and it’s important to use reading orders since those with visual impairments will most likely use a screen reader for reading information on a slide.


16% of the world’s population suffers from a disability, so it’s important to make your onboarding videos accessible to everyone.

—World Health Organization

Empowering employees enriches companies

Employee benefits companies along with a proper onboarding welcome and training video are the ultimate combination for approaching employee training and onboarding. Creating engaging welcome and training videos makes the world easier for your employees and motivates them to contribute to your company long-term.

In other words, this serves as a roadmap for their career success and contributes to their long-term growth.


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