Why introdus?
Warm Welcomes

introdus helps us make sure that all new employees feel welcome even before starting.

—Louise Stengade, former Office Manager & PA at e-Boks.

Let us introdus you to better Pre & Onboarding Experiences

Let us introdus you to better Pre & Onboarding Experiences


Starting a new role with a new company is hard. That’s why the Pre-hire and Onboarding processes are so valuable — to employees and the HR professionals who guide them. Set the right tone, feel welcomed, and stay connected from the very start. 

Why introdus?

A Platform Built by Employees to Employees

We’re not just another hiring tool full of standard workflows. Our mission is to help you to have the best Pre & Onboarding journey from the moment you sign the contract, enabling you to learn about your new organisation and stay up to date on your future role and projects.

Enjoy the Learning Process

Every experience is tailor-made for the employee to help you improve time-to-performance. From the day the contract is signed, take a fun, media-rich journey designed for your role and gain the quick confidence you need to succeed.

Client Spotlight

What differentiates introdus is the people behind it. It’s always open to our challenges and needs.

—Ryan Bravo, Administrative Coordinator at Red Barnet Ungdom.

Why introdus?

Client Quote

It was nice to get to learn more about the company and their values. I really appreciated that.

—Nikolai Willer Svendsen, Fleet & Commercial Support at PNO.

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Press Quote

That’s why we ‘beat’ our competitors. They want to win gold in everything, while we want to win gold in Pre & Onboarding.

—Anders Thorup, CEO & Founder at introdus for Startup.info

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