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Helping People Get Started with Their Passion

It’s not easy to start working in a new environment, with a new culture, colleagues, expectations, and challenges. That’s why we love what we do — helping people to enjoy this unique process of starting new adventures but also facing changes. Our pre & onboarding platform ensures every new employee has the right information and provides amazing experiences, so each new hire can start with their best foot forward.


Introdus is People

Our Pre & Onboarding platform is more than technology. It’s also a reflection of the people behind the product — the people who innovate, drive essential change, and create better experiences for all. A platform built by employees for employees. We can’t wait to get to know you. For now, it’s your turn to get to know us.


Client Director
Pre & Onboarding Specialist

Søren Fantini

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+45 31116688


Søren is all about problem solving and challenges, which is what gets him up in the morning. He has been in sales and consulting most of his adult life. Søren loves anything that functions on petrol and everything around the dining table.

Fun fact: Growing up in the Alps, every time he goes to see the family, he comes back with 3 to 4 kilos of cheese.

CEO and co-Founder of Introdus

Kasper Ulf Nielsen

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Kasper is an entrepreneur at heart and has worked all around the world. He is an expert in Onboarding as well as Corporate Reputation and has lived in New York, Paris, and now Copenhagen.

Fun fact: Lived in Val d’Isere as a skibum and loves to ski.

Head of Analytics and co-Founder of Introdus

Francis Delafontaine

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Francis is a data and analytics expert with experience from all over the world. Francis is from Paris and has lived and worked in USA, Canada, and now Denmark.

Fun fact: Francis is a dedicated yogi practicing this on a daily basis.

Head of SoMe & Content

Jasmin Florence

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Jasmin is here to help branch out and grow the buzz on our SoMe platforms. She takes the power of community to build and grow our platforms online. She also enjoys photography and video editing and has been doing so for as long as she can remember.

Fun fact: How many dogs are too many dogs? She used to have 16!


Martin Aarhus



Martin is a nerd by day, and super-nerd by night. When not working to improve the Introdus platform, he enjoys relaxing with video games. He also spends a lot of time outside, enjoys walks with his dog, and loves honing his guitar skills or reading a book. Martin loves to learn and is always trying to improve in some way or another.

Fun fact: At this point, there’s probably more Pepsi Max than blood in his veins.

Tech Lead

Filip Vučković



I am Filip, and I love pizza, beer and football. And not like all other people love it, it’s more than that. Beside that and programming, I am very passionate about marketing, design, I love new ideas, and my professional goal is to have my own business one day and to have an office in the NYC.

Interesting fact about me: I love when I am happy and I love when other people are happy, I think we all need more happiness in our lives.

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