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Helping People Get Started with Their Passion

It’s not easy to start working in a new environment, with a new culture, colleagues, expectations, and challenges. That’s why we love what we do — helping people to enjoy this unique process of starting new adventures but also facing changes. Our pre & onboarding platform ensures every new employee has the right information and provides amazing experiences, so each new hire can start with their best foot forward.


introdus is People

Our pre & onboarding platform is more than technology. It’s also a reflection of the people behind the product — the people who innovate, drive essential change, and create better experiences for all. We can’t wait to get to know you. For now, it’s your turn to get to know us.


CEO & Co-Founder
Master of Pre & Onboarding

Anders Thorup


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When Anders isn’t trying to change the world’s approach to Pre & Onboarding, he’s a happy and proud dad! He has a beautiful daughter and loves to spend time with her. Anders is extremely positive and is always in a great mood.

Fun fact: During the summer, Anders eats on average 0,5 watermelon pr. day. Also, he might be the best worst loser in the world.

Client Director & Partner
Master of Pre & Onboarding

Stefan Sjørslev


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When Stefan isn’t using his time closing clients and growing introdus, he loves spending time with his girlfriend Matilde and their baby boy Theodor. You will always see Stefan with a big smile on his face.

Fun fact: Stefan has a love/hate relationship with chocolate milk.

Sales Development Executive

Nikoline Pontoppidan


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Nikoline is driven by people and passionate about increasing employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity. She thinks there is no better way than starting that journey by making Pre and Onboarding fun and engaging!

Fun fact: She always seeks and outreach for new innovative solutions and exploring new markets, and believes that “If you take care of your employees, then everything else will follow”.

Sales Development Executive

Roxette Beah Mosquisa


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Roxette is an outgoing person who loves making conversations.

Finding the best Pre & Onboarding solution for different kinds of companies is the most important for her. Besides, she always follows the latest market developments to present to them with all the most up to date information about the best new employees journeys.

Fun fact: Her favorite tv series is ‘The Office’, she identifies as Dwight.

Head of Customer Success
Master of Pre & Onboarding

Tess Cordeiro


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Tess is originally from Portugal and lived in England before moving to Copenhagen, where she has settled down and had twin boys.
She ensures potential, current and previous clients have a positive experience with us and never feel lost.

Fun fact: She has kind of unique accent, which is a mixture of Portuguese and British that ends with a South African twang!

Head of Development

Martin Aarhus




Martin is a nerd by day, and super-nerd by night. When not working to improve the introdus platform, he enjoys relaxing with video games. He also spends a lot of time outside, enjoys walks with his dog, and loves honing his guitar skills or reading a book. Martin loves to learn and is always trying to improve in some way or another.

Fun fact: At this point, there’s probably more Pepsi Max than blood in his veins.

Head of Marketing

Teresa Canive




Teresa is a marketer who enjoys driving traffic and leads across several markets. She designs and develops strategies from scratch, embracing large-scale transformation in order to increase its visibility and generate quality leads.

Fun fact: As a way to keep improving her career and quality of life, Teresa decided to move to another country, moving from Spain to Copenhagen after falling in love with the city.

Multimedia Content Producer

Colin Sutherland




Colin is a multimedia storyteller working in copy, audio, and video. He has been lucky enough to work on projects in New York, Kathmandu, and many other cities. He loves to read well-crafted, ethical journalism. He is also passionate about sharing organic, human stories with the world.

Fun fact: Colin loves finally living in a city with real bike lanes.

Social Media Manager

Jasmin Florence




Jasmin is here to help branch out and grow the buzz on our SoMe platforms. She takes the power of community to build and grow our platforms online. She also enjoys photography and video editing and has been doing so for as long as she can remember.

Fun fact: How many dogs are too many dogs? She used to have 16!

Fullstack Developer

Pranav Manmadhan




Pranav is an open-source enthusiast. He lives for problem-solving and always looks for a smart solution in any situation. He also loves traveling. When he’s not “geeking out” you can find home behind the wheel driving. When Pranav is feeling lazy, he is usually playing video games or practicing the violin.

Fun fact: Pranav is a DC Fan who roots for Joker over Bat-Man.

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