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Anders Thorup

CCO & co-Founder of Introdus



Employee Pre & Onboarding
Report 2022



Anders Thorup shared with us the results of the Pre & Onboarding Survey, where 2.103 employees participated in 2022.

The CEO & co-founder of Introdus shared with us how employees are feeling and going through their introduction processes. He shows the different gaps between HR, companies, and employees. One of the most impactful data is that this year, in Denmark alone, there are one million employees that would be changing their jobs. Isn’t quite interesting to find out why and how to solve it? Even more, did you know that 30% of employees quit during their first year at the company?

Finding the right talent can be difficult but keeping them is even harder, more costly, and more challenging. Anders proposes to take at least the same effort during the Pre & Onboarding part as with the hiring process.  Especially these days when companies are struggling with retention.

Get Anders’ insights to analyse these eye-opening data and reduce the retention rate. You will find several solutions just by focusing on your Pre & Onboarding processes. Find out some of them!

In order to paint a clear picture, we have compared answers from HR directors and employees, getting interesting results about how the reality is of Pre & Onboarding nowadays. Learn more!


Key Question

How do employees think about their experiences?

Anders Thorup Summit 2022

Anders Thorup

CCO & co-Founder of Introdus

Anders explained, in an innovative way, what the core of Pre & Onboarding is nowadays, and how that affects an employee’s retention rate.

He also shared with us the results of the Pre & Onboarding Survey, where 2.044 employees participated during 2022.

Key Questions


Why do around 27% of employees leave their companies due to Pre & Onboarding issues? We collected some interesting questions by asking employees worldwide.

Throughout his presentation, Anders went on to tackle the following key questions:

  1. Why companies are losing talent?
  2. How important is every step in the Pre& Onboarding journey for employees?
  3. How long should Preboarding last and how long do employees want it to be?
  4. What is ‘Moments of Power‘ and when should implement it?
  5. Why we should start to invest a bit less in hiring and more in improving impactful Pre & Onboarding processes?
  6. 6. What is the one element that we should never miss from in an employee onboarding programme to increase the retention rate?
  7. How do structured Pre & Onboarding processes impact employee performance, engagement and talent retention?

We celebrated the

Pre & Onboarding Summit 2022

Some of the most popular companies from Scandinavia attended: Ikea, Novo Nordisk and Carlsberg together with international brands such as Nestle and Spotify.

This year’s main subject was focused on how to build a strong culture for new employees when growing globally – everything from best practices to employee psychology.
We have also shared the results of our annual survey where employees worldwide are participating to share better insights on how Preboarding and Onboarding are heading and perceived globally.

Anders Thorup Summit 2022

It took place on the 22nd of September 2022


We have also invited some of Denmark’s sharpest HR professionals to present and discuss different solutions and trends on how to build new hire experiences. That afternoon, they shared methods, experiences and tools to start up or optimise Pre & Onboarding processes. Among them, Claus Jeppesen, HR Director of LEGOLAND Billund, and Kasper Ulf Nielsen HR Specialist at Leapeo shared with us really insightfully thoughts.

Pre & Onboarding Insights

We should invest the same time and energy that we use for finding the right employee to get the new employee well-started.

—Anders Thorup, CCO & co-Founder of Introdus.

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