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Gitte Mandrup

Business-Driven HR Expert.



The ROI of HR Activities



Welcome to the Pre & Onboarding Summit 2021, where Gitte Mandrup, the author of Forretningsdrevet HR (Business-Driven HR), shared with us some important insights on the essence of working with business-driven HR. She mentions that whether the company goes up or down in profit, Business-Driven HR will never be out of style. This is a way to ensure that companies generate revenue and value no matter the circumstances.

Gitte discussed how organisations can take full advantage of the HR team, how you can use your skills and capacity wisely, how HR can communicate properly what value you generate from various activities, the ROI of HR activities, and how you can establish a strong link between HR and the business. Gitte has more to share. Get her insights here.


HR Expert Insights

We (HR) fail to communicate the value we actually generate, and this is why I would like to give you some input on how to achieve this.

—Gitte Mandrup, Business Driven HR Expert


Gitte Mandrup

Business-Driven HR Expert

Gitte enables Danish HR professionals to create value & results for their companies. Since 2007, she has trained HR teams and 100s of HR Business Partners in private and public companies.

Gitte Mandrup

She has had previous roles such as: 

  • Business-driven HR Advisor & Sparring Partner for HR managers
  • HR Pro Coach & HR Business Partner Coach
  • Sparring partner, mentor & coach for leaders
  • Author & Publisher
  • Lecturer
  • Blogger at

Gitte’s Main Points


  • HR as a result-generating partner 

To start, Gitte talks about the importance of properly communicating the reasoning behind various HR practices performed in the organisation, the results they are seeking and how HR can generate value to the company, the organization and the employees.

  • Creating a strong bond between HR & Business

This next point is on how one can create a strong bond between HR and the business. Before this link can exist, there needs to be a proper understanding of the current situation within the organisation. This would only work flawlessly if HR teams up with the leaders in the organisation. Find out how.

  • Typical pitfalls in HR

Here she discusses what HR has to deal with, and how they are perceived by the organisation. 

And more…


Pre & Onboarding Summit 2021

Some of the most popular companies from Scandinavia attended: Mærsk, Novo Nordisk, Ikea, Leo-Pharma, and Trelleborg, together with international brands as Allianz and Milestone Systems.

Gitte Mandrup

It took place on the 3rd of September 2021.


That afternoon we took the main leap into the necessity, understanding and effect of good and employee-oriented Pre & Onboarding. We also invited some of Denmark’s sharpest HR professionals to present and answer your questions, reflections and comments. Among them, Ulf Hahnemann, former CHRO at A.P. Møller Mærsk, shared with us really insightful thoughts and hacks.

HR Expert Insights

We must go in and work with our organization, do different things that work and then we get better results. And this is what business driven HR is about.

—Gitte Mandrup, Business Driven HR Expert


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