How to Integrate New Hires and Build a Deep Connection


Employee integration is the process of introducing new hires into the operations of a workplace. The lack of effective employee integration is a major factor affecting many companies globally. They cannot hold on to the best talents and this will cause them to experience a high employee turnover.

For instance, in the US, according to the Department of Labour Statistics, over 3 million American workers a month walked out of the door and did not come back.

Companies need to get onboarded new hires as soon as possible. This means that new employees will feel fully integrated into their new teams after a structured Pre & Onboarding process. They need to feel engaged and integrated into their new team. New hires will build strong bongs which will be one of the keys to reducing the company’s employee turnover. That’s why many organizations start to implement the right employee integration strategy. 

In this article, you will find how to integrate new hires into their new companies and team and build strong bonds.

Align Expectations from the Hiring process to the Full integration


This is one of the most important reasons why people quit their jobs during the first months. They have self-doubt. To integrate new hires into the company, they will align expectations during the Preboarding phase.

Managers especially need a clear understanding of job expectations early on. This will give them the confidence to build strong and high-quality strategies. That’s why onboarding for managers takes special importance during this integration strategy.


Assign a Pre & Onboarding Buddy to Every New Hire


Having a Pre & Onboarding buddy is one of the best ways for your new hires to get acclimated to the company’s Culture and Values. Furthermore, it helps them acquire that sense of belonging and feeling at home. This is one of the most important factors leading to talent retention and to integrate new hires into their new teams.

When employees feel connected to their workplace, they will feel more satisfied, more engaged and more productive. They will also become more loyal to the company.

A Buddy Onboarding system allows companies to save time meanwhile they pair up new hires with their Pre & Onboarding buddies. The employees included in the buddy rotation are assigned to the new hires. Both parts receive guidelines and start building strong bonds.


Send Warm Welcomes from Colleagues Before Day 1 on the Job 


It’s essential that the new hire has an idea about their new colleagues before starting the new position. The new hires will be calmer and relaxed when starting on the job. You can prepare videos of some team members and even from the manager. The new employee will get to know a bit more about their personalities, hobbies, and working relationship.

An employee onboarding platform will help you to provide these warm welcomes in an automatic way. New hires will receive the video and a welcome email. If you are interested, you are mighty looking for an introduction email to new team to integrate new hires into their new companies.


Schedule One-On-One Meetings During the Preboarding Phase


The employee integration plan should include a clear focus on balanced practical on-the-job activities such as scheduled one-on-one discussions with the line manager and other team members, orientation and on-the-job training, and an outline of performance goals and the key metrics influencing them. 


Facilitate A Tour of the Workplace Before Day 1


Also before day 1 on the job, the integration of new team members should include the facility tour of the workplace. This offers an opportunity to see the workplace closely and meet other co-workers of the organization.

New employees can easily rub shoulders with their new colleagues in person. They also get to know more about the workplace, thus aiding you in settling down in the new workplace. 


Invite the New Hire to a Social Event Without Involving Work


Employees prefer meeting their Pre & Onboarding Buddy, and to receive a welcome from the manager and the team in person, according to our Pre & Onboarding Survey 2022. Why does it make sense and how can we prepare it?

We are living in the era of technology, however, there are still human elements that we should not forget. Your new hires will manage new relationships almost every day with people that they haven’t met yet. A social event in person during the Preboarding can help in reducing their anxiety quite a lot.

However, according to our survey, 62% of employees haven’t been invited to a social event before day 1 on the job. In addition, 63% think it’s very important/important to be assigned a buddy before the first working day. Here we suggest some ideas combining in-person and online events for new employees.


Create a Fun and Exiting Experience


Incentives will motivate the new hires to complete their tasks. Rewards and incentives could be in another form, such as points and badge awards for completing assessments and tasks during your onboarding programme.

The opportunity to get rewards and recognition for Pre & Onboarding activities can lead to increased new hire motivation and helps your new hires hit their goals.


Foster a Sense of Belonging


When employees have a sense of belonging, they are 50% less likely to quit. According to HubSpot, it is one of the factors leading to employees feeling safe and comfortable that they have made the right choice.

Meaningful connections are born from the opportunity to interact with others in different environments. Ensure social occasions occur on regular basis for these connections to flourish.

Employee Integration Insights

It’s not easy to feel a strong sense of belonging if your teammates don’t accept you.

—Adam Hickman, Ph.D. & Senior Workplace Strategist for Gallup.

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