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Pre & Onboarding Journeys

Find structured introductions based on the new hire’s touchpoints and experiences.


Companies that use Preboarding retain 81% of first-year hires.

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Why Did We Draft this Book for You?


The longevity of our employees has become arduous to predict. Every employee desires to work in an organisation where they can hit the ground running.

More than ever, due to the market conditions, employers need to provide an engaging and impactful employee Pre & Onboarding experience. A structured process that enables, enlightens and fires up the new hires to reach their potential as soon as possible.

With an effective and structured strategy, you ensure your new employees start off on their best foot, boost their confidence and ‘kick-start’ bonds even before their first day.

Preview What’s Inside

Receive 20 pages focusing on structured Pre & Onboarding, according to the new employees’ needs and based on their experiences.

We provide our recommendations on how you can build structured and virtual processes based on the new hire’s touchpoints and solutions that will help drive a more powerful and impactful new employees’ Pre & Onboarding journey.


PRE ON ebook 06

What Will You Find in This eBook?


You will find 20 steps that new managers need to go through for achieving a full integration. Among them: expectations ensured, product/service understanding, outline of anticipated results, how to motivate your new team.

These steps cover the period from the moment the new manger signs the contract until full integration into the company is achieved.

Find ideas and solutions for a structured Pre & Onboarding journey, with exclusive steps for this complex role.


PRE ON ebook 06


New employees are going to be anxious, going to have anxiety, a lot of self-doubts and imposter syndrome.

—Brad Desmond, Psychologist & Coach.

Step into a new manager Onboarding Pre & Onboarding experience.


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