Employee Pre & Onboarding Report 2022

How do employees think about their experiences? Get interesting insights from our annual Pre & Onboarding survey with answers from 2.103 employees worldwide.


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Why do around 27% of employees leave their companies due to Pre & Onboarding issues?

Finding the right talent can be difficult but keeping them is even harder, more costly, and more challenging. Especially these days when companies are struggling with retention.

We have analysed the data and insights revealed by our Pre & Onboarding Survey 2022 with answers from 2.103 employees worldwide.

We have compared the responses of HR directors and employees, obtaining interesting results about what the reality of Pre & Onboarding is today.


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Pre & Onboarding Report 2022

What Will You Find in This Report?

We got the answers to interesting questions. Here, there are some of them:

  • Why companies are losing talent?
  • How important is every step in the Pre& Onboarding journey for employees?
  • How long should Preboarding last and how long do employees want it to be?
  • How do structured Pre & Onboarding processes impact employee performance, engagement and talent retention?

Pre & Onboarding Insights

We should invest the same time and energy that we use for finding the right employee to get the new employee well-started.

—Anders Thorup, CCO & co-Founder of Introdus.

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