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Stefan Sjørslev

Former Client Director & Partner at introdus



Pre & Onboarding MasterClass



Welcome to the Pre & Onboarding Summit 2021, where Stefan Sjørslev, former Client Director & Partner at introdus, shared with us some important insights about Pre & Onboarding. Did you know that companies spend around 2 billion USD on recruitment and 1.2 million USD on employee integration?

Also specialist in Pre & Onboarding processes, Stefan talked about how companies can improve retention, how they can work on motivation to achieve goals, and how these processes can help employees and companies. “We need to ensure insightfulness, relationship-building, we need to ensure socializing. (…) Overall, this is an option to accelerate this process, to make them stay longer.”

Stefan Sjørslev has more to say. Request his insights here. I will ask you quick 4 questions. It will only take 1:30 minutes of your time.


Stefan Sjørslev

Stefan Sjørslev

Former Client Director & Partner at introdus


Stefan was also a Pre & Onboarding Specialist.

Former responsible for the commercial part of introdus, Stefan gave us insightful guidelines, and a toolbox which companies and yourself can easily use.

We celebrated the

Pre & Onboarding Summit 2021

Some of the most popular companies from Scandinavia attended: Mærsk, Novo Nordisk, Ikea, Leo-Pharma, and Trelleborg, together with international brands as Allianz and Milestone Systems.

Stefan Sjørslev

It took place on the 3rd of September 2021.


That afternoon we took the main leap into the necessity, understanding and effect of good and employee-oriented Pre & Onboarding. We also invited some of Denmark’s sharpest HR professionals to present and answer your questions, reflections and comments. Among them, Ulf Hahnemann, former CHRO at A.P. Møller Mærsk, shared with us really insightfully thoughts and hacks.

Pre & Onboarding Insights

One of the biggest question a new employee has is: ‘Did I make the right choice?’And if we don’t offer an answer, then we risk that a part of these employees will become one of those 25% who leave within a year.

—Stefan Sjørslev, former Client Director & Partner at introdus.

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