Introdus’ Year in Review 2022: New features, improvements, and more


December is upon us, and with December comes wrapping up the year. With wrapping up the year we thought it would be a good time to look back and reflect on the year that passed. We feel like we’ve made immense progress with our product this year, and can’t wait to do the same next year.

New Platform

We started the year off strong and launched our new platform in January 2022. This marked a milestone in the Introdus history as it was the first time we were really up to date with our choice of technologies. That means more flexibility in building out features, and doing so faster, in order to better serve you, our customer!


100% Schrems II Compliant (GDPR)

In late 2020 we began a transition from using global services provided from all across the word, into an EU-based list of providers, in an attempt to fully satisfy the Schrems II ruling of GDPR.

We are happy to say that that process has now been completed and you will find our list of providers for our product, incredibly thin, as we now find most of our platform operated in France, by French companies.

Introdus’ Year in Review 2022: New features, improvements, and more

Analytics Overhaul

We spend a good portion of time over the early summer, making improvements to our Analytics. We made several strides towards improving the filtering, so that as an admin it is much easier to gain an overview of exactly what is going on in the organization.

The biggest win from our efforts to improve Analytics has definitely been producing reliable data. Unfortunately as we dug into this process of improvement we learned of a lot of holes and leaky buckets that had been present in the analytics section of the old platform. We learned from those mistakes and bettered them!


In the summer of 2022 we sought to make organising of content easier in the platform, so we came up with a solution that would be natural for most users; folders.

Folders are known from everywhere already, as most computer operating systems – and to some extent, even phones – implement a folder structure.

We thought it would be the simplest way to help organise the platform in a meaningful way, and this has been a particularly big win for the organisations with many admin accounts.

But we didn’t stop with just launching it!

We took a lot of the early feedback we received from launching the feature, and implemented it right back into the folders system. A lot of these improvements where particularly around navigation and trying to reduce the number of clicks necessary to navigate the folders.

Introdus’ Year in Review 2022: New features, improvements, and more

Task Manager

In late 2022 we also got around to porting one of the important features from the old platform, namely; the Task Manager.

Task Manager is our attempt at helping our clients organize tasks – often the repetitive ones – around hiring new employees. With this system we are able to help organize and schedule the tasks that must go out when a new hire is about to start. That could be picking up flowers, ordering an access keycard, a new laptop or phone, or really anything that is required.

We built the system to be incredibly flexible with both options to manage and store tasks that happens over and over, as well as adding ad-hoc tasks on-the-fly on a case-by-case basis.

We’re very excited to bring even more features (and a new and improved design!) in the coming year.

Custom SMTP (Beta)

2022 also became the year where we took our SMTP offering to beta. That means it is now possible for all of the Introdus clients to bring their own SMTP configuration!

As we’ve learned over the years, many of our clients use VPN’s, strict firewalls or other approaches to modern online security. In order to ‘tap into’ the existing resources instead of requiring more things to be managed (for example by having to whitelist a range of domains), it is now entirely possible to send Introdus system emails, via your own SMTP server.

The feature is still in beta and we’re still testing the stability of this configuration, so if you would like to help test this, please get in touch at


SSO – Login with Microsoft Azure

After many struggles, we also finally managed to nail our integration with Microsoft Azure. That means it is possible to login into our platform with SSO, but it doesn’t stop there!

On top of logging in with SSO, it is also possible to add our application in the Azure App Gallery, in order to enable the SCIM protocol to sync users into Introdus.

This is a feature we’re incredibly excited about, because it means less time spent managing users account, and more time spent actually managing their learning and structuring Pre & Onboarding for new hires.


Rebuilt the Foundation (our backend)

Towards the end of the year we dedicated a sisable portion of our time to update and improve our backend. Talking about backends are typically the type of updates that doesn’t spark a lot of enthusiasm, but a helpful analogy is to think of it like the foundation of a house.

Sure, we can build a new and fancy house on top of a poor foundation, but that would still be limited to having many of the same problems the old house did.

So we spent the necessary time to tear down and rebuild the old foundation, which is incredibly exciting because it means less overhead moving forward when developing new things, and less bugs shipped to production!

We’re incredibly excited about this one – particularly in the development team – because it allows us, once again, to move with speed. Speed can be a tricky metric as a developer, because going fast often means producing bugs. But we have set up our codebase in a way so that – fingers crossed 🤞 – speed does not mean producing more bugs!


Where Are We Going in 2023?

That covers our review of 2022! So what can you expect in 2023?  Keep an eye out the automated notifications coming out from the system, as well as the task manager as we expect to bring changes particularly to these areas of our product, while still improving everything else.


Martin Aarhus Gregersen

Martin is the CTO at Introdus and manages all things technical. Between writing code and updating our product, Martin is also responsible for setting the direction of development, and is often involved with customers to get a sense of where they want us to go.

When time is available, Martin also spends some time writing about our product improvements and planning the roadmap.

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