Onboarding Checklist Template: Free Examples


An onboarding checklist template is a great point of departure for any company that is only getting started with a more formal onboarding process. It is also one of the most illustrative examples of how employers can guide you through your onboarding stage

This article will investigate the power of tools meant to aid you in your onboarding process, namely, new employee onboarding templates.

What is an Onboarding Checklist for New Staff?


The new employee onboarding checklist for new staff takes over where the Preboarding checklist has left off. Additionally, we can regard the new hire onboard checklist as a tool facilitating your onboarding process. It has a key focus on reducing failure and misalignment, and ensuring a synergy between yourself and the key stakeholders involved in your onboarding.

When onboarding is effective, you are more likely to keep your employees within an organisation for a longer period of time. In fact, data from the Society for Human Resource Management confirms this idea. 58% of employees are more likely to stay for more than three years when they have experienced a good Pre & Onboarding process.


The Three Benefits of a New Hire Onboarding Checklist for New Staff

There are multiple benefits to utilising tools such as onboarding process checklists. They extend to managers, employees and other contributors/ stakeholders across various departments. We have created a list below with the most important benefits:

1. Ensure Stakeholder Alignment

When all stakeholders know exactly what activities they have to participate in, it can avoid the misuse of resources. With a new employee checklist, tasks are clearly attributed.

2. Ensure a Streamlined Planning

For managers, it ensures that everything is mapped out in advance. For employees, the new hire checklist provides a clear roadmap broken into key components of the onboarding programme.

3. Ensure an Overview of a Complex Process

The onboarding process framework should be ongoing for as long as needed until you achieve full integration into your new role. The onboarding checklist is an umbrella checklist for all the sub-processes involved in your starting, like IT onboarding.


Get a Customised HR Onboarding Checklist Template Word

A customised HR onboarding checklist template is used to ensure an overview over complicated processes that involve multiple stakeholders.

Hence, easy customisation is a great advantage of an onboarding schedule template and an onboarding packet template. A company can start with the activities from the HR onboarding checklist template and add-on cross-department activities.

You can easily download for free a customised onboarding checklist template below:

Get Word Template


Get a New Employee Onboarding Checklist Template Excel

If we raised your interest with our way of structuring and presenting onboarding activities, you might be interested in gaining access to a downloadable file for free, the new employee onboarding template Excel format. 

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Onboarding Checklist Insights

58 % of employees are more likely to stay for more than three years when they have experienced a good Pre & Onboarding process.

—According to the Society for Human Resource Management.

What Does an Onboarding Process Template Contain?

An onboarding process template contains both role specific activities training courses and social activities. We have chosen to structure our onboarding process template into key stages. So, you will find a new employee’s first-day checklist, a first week at the office checklist and much more.

For example, some key activities for a first-day onboarding schedule template are: 

  • Activity 1: Having a meeting with the line manager
  • Activity 2: Performing the workstation takeover and mobile handout
  • Activity 3: Participating in a social activity with the whole department
  • Activity 4: Receiving the access card
  • Activity 5: Office facilities tour

Key Stakeholders Allocated Onboarding Process Template:

The key stakeholders that the onboarding checklist should list and allocate specific tasks are:

  1. HR manager
  2. Line manager
  3. The buddy
  4. A representative from the IT department
  5. A representative from the payroll department
  6. Optional: a coach or mentor


90 Day Onboarding Plan Template


Get Inspired with This New Hire Checklist Template

We have crafted a new hire checklist template that starts with orientation day and concludes after the first 90 days on the job. Additionally, this new hire checklist template illustrates the most common activities. But an IT onboarding checklist template will easily complement it.

The activities we have included in the new hire checklist template follow the logic and structure of a 30 60 90 day onboarding plan.

Download the 90 day Onboarding Plan Template below:

Get 90 Day Template


Onboarding Checklist for The First 90 Days on the Job

New Employee First Day Checklist:

  • Meet buddy in the reception area
  • Workstation takeover and mobile handout
  • Having breakfast or a coffee break with the whole department
  • Access Card handout
  • Office Facilities tour
  • Introduction to colleagues and lunch
  • General company introduction
  • Ensure that the new hire can log in to their station and that all equipment is working properly.
  • Introduction to internal systems
  • Participate in a Buddy 1:1 meeting
  • Receive office supplies, manuals for hardware, etc.
  • Meeting with supervisor/ manager and Walkthrough of an induction plan
  • Overview of mandatory training and e-learning
  • Optional: draft a training checklist for new employees
  • HR: new hire paperwork checklist, ensure that no documentation is still missing from the new employee

First Week at the Office Checklist:

  • Work tools presentation, if necessary solicit guidance on how to use new tools
  • Optional: 1:1 with the IT Department for additional set-up support
  • HR meeting: work policies, employee handbook, code of conduct, etc.
  • Salary department: ensure the correct set-up of the salary management system and activation of employee benefit programmes (insurance, pension, etc.)
  • Workforce coordinator meeting: safety and security policies
  • Meeting with the leadership of the department/ company: Receive additional information on company history, mission and vision, company goals, and industry overview.
  • Preparing for the first 1:1 meeting with your manager. Draft your job expectations. Consider whether you will require additional support from what is already included in your onboarding plan.
  • 1:1 meeting with your manager. Review job description and Onboarding Plan and Programme. Discuss KPIs for onboarding effectiveness
  • Set the first short term goals
  • Optional: alterations to the Onboarding Plan to include the employee expectations and supplementary needs.
  • Schedule training courses for the first 14 days to 30 days
  • Optional:  Set up a 30, 60 and 90-day check-in plan
  • Buddy catch-up. Add the new employee to the birthdays’ list to not miss it

First 14 Days at the Office Checklist:

  • Cross-team introduction meeting: Gain an overview of the work of other departments
  • Participate in mandatory e-learning courses
  • First completed tasks
  • Social / team building activity
  • Set medium term goals: for the first 30 and the first 60 days

 Days 30-90 Checklist:

  • Orientation on Network Security and Best Practices
  • Complete first projects
  • Status meeting: review progress to date
  • Participate in the first month onboarding survey to evaluate the progress of the onboarding process 
  • Conclude all mandatory training courses

Day 90 Checklist:

  • Final onboarding review meeting. Employee Integration Score
  • Participate in Onboarding Survey: Final onboarding evaluation. Do you still miss anything for being fully proficient in your role?
  • Final Buddy check-in: do you feel integrated?
  • Manager 1:1: discuss a further career development plan


Bridge the Physical Distance with a Remote Onboarding Checklist


An onboarding checklist for remote employees is a compilation of the vital activities in the onboarding programme that new hires need to achieve job satisfaction and peak performance. A successful remote onboarding process is a must have for any remote worker.

With the right planning and coordination, onboarding employees remotely will feel less like an isolating process, and more like an exciting start.

You can download our remote onboarding checklist template below:

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Three Tips for your Remote Onboarding Checklist

We compiled a list of elements that should not get overlooked in any intentional remote onboarding checklist.

1. Announcing the Employee

The welcome email to new staff is proof that your employer is preparing for getting you and any other new staff on board. It can also reaffirm the excitement of starting a new job.

2. Virtual Introductions

Even if you work remotely, it does not mean that social connections should not be attainable for you. This can happen as a virtual breakfast, or a virtual coffee break video call.

3. Setting Measurable Onboarding Key Performance Indicators

The employer should define the measurable KPIs to track your progress and thus ensure your productivity.

4. Status Update & Feedback Sessions

When starting a new job, it is important to have some touch base sessions with your supervisor. For example, this can follow the 30/60/90 days structure. This will assist the employer in knowing how the online employees are settling into their job roles. Also, it serves as an onboarding survey to express your level of satisfaction with the progress of your onboarding.

New Hire Checklist for Managers


The HR checklist for the hiring and onboarding procedure must be thoroughly planned and executed to get the new leader to speed as early as possible.

Obviously, when a new manager comes on board, they are a seasoned employee with lots of experience in a specific field. Thus, new manager training might not be present for every single manager onboarded. Especially, if you have already held a similar position in another company.

Below are just a few essential activities included in a new hire checklist for managers:

  • Detailed highlights of the company’s management culture
  • Communication of expected goals
  • Introduction to the individual team members
  • Enrollment in relevant online management training
  • Description of the employee performance review process
  • Description of the organisation’s employees’ reward strategy
  • Insights into the organisation’s recruitment process and company’s budget

Get a free new manager checklist template. You can easily customise it according to your company’s specific needs.

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Onboarding Checklist for Managers: Key Activities

Onboarding a new manager is similar to onboarding any other employee. In the sense that both need a structured process. Arguably, an onboarding checklist for managers might have to place an additional emphasis on the cultural and strategic components of the organisation. You, the new manager, will have to act in the spirit of those details. A thorough understanding of the company’s mission and vision is crucial.

Thus, the onboarding checklist for managers must include the following categories of activities:

1. Knowledge Transfer

2. Introductions

3. Manager Training

4. Company Policies

5. Reviewing & Feedback

New Hire Onboarding Checklist Template: Conclusions


To sum up, a new hire onboarding checklist template is a great tool for companies that are eager to set up an onboarding process for their employees for the first time. Thus, checklists are great tools for keeping track of the progress of the onboarding process. 

After all, it is paramount both for yourself and your employer to achieve confidence, and motivation and to be equipped with all the knowledge and skills for performing in your new job.

introdus, employee onboarding software, is a firm supporter of each and every new hire’s need to be Pre & Onboarded effectively, with consideration being placed both on productivity specific actions, and social induction.

If you are interested in discovering the benefits of utilising a new hire onboarding checklist, we have drafted another article addressing it. Moreover, if you need a more specific free onboarding checklist template word format, you can access either the remote onboarding checklist or the onboarding buddy checklist on our blog HR. We have also drafted a more specific onboarding checklist for managers, that contains some specific activities that only managers would have to go through. Additionally, you will also find an offboarding checklist template.


Invest in a Pre & Onboarding Software that offers access to tools like the Onboarding Checklist Template.


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