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An onboarding checklist template is a great point of departure for any company that is only getting started with a more formal onboarding process. 

The onboarding process is crucial for ensuring that you have all the information and skills you need for achieving success in your new role. And yet, more than one-third of employers don’t have a thorough, structured onboarding process for new hires, according to a Career Builder research that surveyed hiring managers and human resource professionals.

introdus, employee onboarding software, is a firm supporter of each and every new hire’s need to be Pre & Onboarded effectively, with consideration being placed both on productivity specific actions, and social induction. 

Our own research shows that new hires expect and need a structured onboarding process when starting new jobs: 56% of the participants to our Pre & Onboarding Survey 2021 strongly agreed with the following statement: “I think that a structured Onboarding process is crucial for me to get a great start at my new job.”  And yet, when asked whether or not they believe that their employers did everything possible to give them a great start at their new job, only 16% strongly agreed with this idea. 

This article will investigate the power of tools meant to aid you in your onboarding process, namely, new employee onboarding templates. 

If you are interested in a more specific free onboarding checklist template word format, you can access either the remote onboarding checklist or the onboarding buddy checklist on our blog HR. Additionally, you will also find an offboarding checklist template.  

Onboarding Checklist Insights

58 % of employees are more likely to stay for more than three years when they have experienced a good Pre & Onboarding process.

—According to the Society for Human Resource Management.

Onboarding Checklist Template: Customisation Is Key


Checklists are some of the easiest methods for ensuring an overview over complicated processes that involve multiple stakeholders. Having access to an employee onboarding checklist template implies that even one of those aforementioned companies, that never had a formalised onboarding process in place, can get started.

Obviously, an onboarding program template is to be customised with company specific details. One cannot expect that a small company would utilise the onboarding workflow template in a similar way as a multinational corporation. This means that the range of activities, as well as the duration of the onboarding process will be greatly influenced by the nature of the organisation (private vs public), the industry of activity (software, shipping, non-profit etc), the nature of the product and/ or service being offered to clients (for example: business to business, or business to consumer).

But easy customisation is the great advantage that tools such as the onboarding schedule template and the onboarding packet template present to their users. A small company can pick and choose whatever activities from the template that are mostly appropriate for their business. 

Similarly, a large company can start with the activities from the onboarding checklist template and add-on cross-department activities. Thus, they would be starting with a base activity such as meeting the team, and multiplying it to cover more than a single team from a single department. In conclusion, rather than a single meet the team activity on your onboarding planning, you would have a recurring event until you get acquainted with the key figures from the key departments of your new company.

Onboarding Checklist Template Insights

Checklists are some of the easiest methods for ensuring an overview over complicated processes that involve multiple stakeholders.

Step by Step Onboarding Process Template


Just to briefly review, the strategic role of onboarding for you as a new hire is integrating you into a company, both through social and cultural acclimation, and role specific induction, so as you can fastly become a productive member of the team.

With this brief definition in mind, a step by step onboarding process template would contain both role specific activities (such as training courses for utilising company tools), as well as social activities (especially under the coordination of the onboarding buddy). 

We have chosen to structure our step by step onboarding process template into key stages following your journey towards complete integration into your new company. So you will find a new employee first day checklist (also known as new hire orientation checklist), a first week at the office checklist and much more.

For example, some key activities that we regard as essential to any first day onboarding schedule template are: 

  • having a meeting with the line manager;
  • performing the workstation takeover and mobile handout;
  • participating in a social activity with the whole department;
  • receiving the access card;
  • office facilities tour.


New Hire Checklist Template


We have drafted the following new hire checklist template, according to the structure we previously mentioned. Activities are not structured by theme, but by temporal sequence, starting with orientation day, and concluding after the first 90 days on the job. Additionally, this new hire checklist template is designed to provide the most common activities, but it can be easily complemented by an IT onboarding checklist template.

It should be noted that this is not to say that onboarding concludes on day 90 on the job. In fact, many specialists emphasise that onboarding activities should be carried on for a larger amount of time. 

Michael Watkins, professor at IMD Business School and author of the book “The First 90 Days,”  highlights that the break-even point, meaning the point where new hires begin adding more value than they have consumed, is usually 6.2 months. So, it becomes clear that onboarding employees should not be restricted to a one week process.

Onboarding Checklist Insights

The break-even point, meaning the point where new hires begin adding more value than they have consumed, is usually 6.2 months.

—Michael Watkins, professor at IMD Business School and author of the book “The First 90 Days.”

New Hire Checklist Template: The first 90 Days on the Job

New Employee First Day Checklist

  • Meet buddy in the reception area.
  • Workstation takeover and mobile handout.
  • Having breakfast or a coffee break with the whole department.
  • Access Card handout.
  • Office Facilities tour.
  • Introduction to colleagues and lunch.
  • General company introduction.
  • Ensure that the new hire can log in to their station and all equipment is working properly.
  • Introduction to internal systems.
  • Participate in a Buddy 1 on 1 meeting.
  • Receive office supplies, manuals for hardware etc.
  • Meeting with supervisor/ manager and Walkthrough of induction plan.
  • Overview of mandatory trainings and e-learning. 
  • Optional: draft a training checklist for new employees.
  • HR: new hire paperwork checklist, ensure that no documentation is still missing from the new employee.


First Week at the Office Checklist

  • Work tools presentation, if necessary solicit guidance for how to use new tools.
  • Optional: 1:1 with the IT Department for additional set-up support.
  • HR meeting: work policies, employee handbook, code of conduct etc.
  • Salary department: ensure correct set-up on salary management system and activation of employee benefit programmes (insurance, pension etc).
  • Workforce coordinator meeting: safety and security policies .
  • Meeting with the leadership of the department/ company: Receive additional information on company history, mission and vision, company goals, industry overview.
  • Preparing for the first 1:1 meeting with your manager: draft your job expectations and consider whether you will require additional support from what is already included in your onboarding plan.
  • 1:1 meeting with your manager: review job description and Onboarding Plan and Programme and discuss KPIs for onboarding effectiveness.
  • Set the first short term goals.
  • Optional: alterations are made to the Onboarding Plan to include the employee expectations and supplementary needs.
  • Schedule training courses for the first 14 days to 30 days.
  • Optional:  Set up a 30, 60 and 90-day check-in plan.
  • Buddy catch-up. Add the new employee to the birthdays’ list to not miss it.


First 14 Days at the Office Checklist

  • Cross-team introduction meeting: Gain an overview of the work of other departments.
  • Participate in mandatory e-learning courses.
  • First completed tasks.
  • Social / team building activity.
  • Set medium term goals: for the first 30 and the first 60 days.


Days 30-90 Checklist

  • Orientation on Network Security and Best Practices.
  • Complete first projects.
  • Status meeting: review progress to date. 
  • Participate in the first month onboarding survey to evaluate the progress of the onboarding process. 
  • Conclude all mandatory training courses.


Day 90 Checklist

  • Final onboarding review meeting. Employee Integration Score.
  • Participate in Onboarding Survey: Final onboarding evaluation. Do you still miss anything for being fully proficient in your role?
  • Final Buddy check-in: do you feel integrated?
  • Manager 1:1: discuss further career development plan.


New Employee Onboarding Checklist Template Excel


If we raised your interest with our way of structuring and presenting onboarding activities, you might be interested in gaining access to a downloadable file, the new employee onboarding template excel format. 

This is the reason why we have created this easily customisable new employee onboarding template excel format, which you can download below:

Download the Onboarding Checklist Template Excel


90 Day Onboarding Plan Template


The activities we have included in the new hire checklist template follow the logic and structure of a 30 60 90 day onboarding plan. In case you are not familiar with the 30 60 90 onboarding paradigm, we have devoted a comprehensive article on our blog, which you can retrieve here: 30-60-90 onboarding plan.

If you are simply interested in having a look over a 90 day Onboarding Plan Template, we also have you covered. Download the 90 day Onboarding Plan Template below:

Download the 90 Day Onboarding Plan Template


To sum up, a new hire onboarding checklist template is a great tool for companies that are eager to set up an onboarding process for their employees for the first time. Checklists are great tools for keeping track of progress of the onboarding process. 

After all, it is paramount both for yourself and your employer to achieve confidence, motivation and to be equipped with all the knowledge and skills for performing in your new job.

Invest in a Pre & Onboarding Software that offers access to tools like the Onboarding Checklist Template.

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