HR Onboarding Checklist

Make sure your new hires never feel lost, disconnected or left behind by using this checklist.


Don’t miss any crucial steps for your new employee’s first day, weeks and months.

An onboarding checklist template is a great point of departure for any company that is only getting started with a more formal onboarding process. It is also one of the most illustrative examples of how you can guide your new hires through their onboarding stage.

We can regard the new hire onboard checklist as a tool facilitating your onboarding process, with a key focus on reducing failure and misalignment, and ensuring a synergy between the new hire and the key stakeholders involved.

The stress of starting a new job can be relieved when the new hire knows from the very beginning what they have to do, who to contact in case of need, and how far they are from achieving full integration.

A new hire checklist would ensure that the new hire will never feel lost, disconnected or left behind. It also will give you an overview over complicated processes that involve multiple stakeholders. We recommend you these welcome emails to new staff to break the ice.

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What Will You Find in This Template?

You will find an onboarding checklist for your new hire’s first day, first week and months.

With this checklist, you can prepare ahead of time and ensure your new hires get everything they need for their new job.  

Onboarding Checklist Insights

58% of employees are more likely to stay for more than three years when they have experienced a good Pre & Onboarding process.

—According to the Society for Human Resource Management.

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