Welcome Email to New Staff: Examples and Templates


The welcome email to new staff is preparing for getting you and any other new staff on board. A welcome and introduction letter to new staff is a simple but effective way to make you feel like a process is in motion for ensuring that your workplace will be ready to receive you on your first day.

Importance of the Welcome Email to New Staff


Sending a welcome email to new staff is a great way to break the ice at the beginning of the preboarding stage of the employee lifecycle. After all, you are already excited from having signed the contract and you need that feeling to be kept alive until the first day on the job.

Many companies fail to take advantage of the many benefits of preboarding a new joiner. They do not acknowledge that keeping any new joiner excited is crucial for a positive start.

As highlighted by introdus’s CEO and Pre & Onboarding Specialist, Anders Thorup, a welcome email to new employee is such an inexpensive way to perform a preboarding activity, that no company should steer clear from doing it.

This welcoming email process can be prepared in an employee onboarding platform. You will receive a welcome email, from where you start this Pre & Onboarding journey. Also, if you are looking an introduction email to new team.


Benefits of a Welcome Email to New Staff


Welcome messages are a simple, but effective way for your new employer to make a positive first impression. You will also find these following benefits of a welcome email to new staff:

  • Your team will be aware of your welcoming. You can also receive a message or email from your employee onboarding software.
  • It allows you to schedule social events and meetings with your new teammates in order to get to know them better.
  • It allows the creation of strong bonds before your first day on your new job. So you will find yourself completely alone and isolated, which are feelings no new employee should ever feel when starting a new job.
  • You will feel confident and prepared for your first day at the office.
  • It makes a positive first impression.
  • Thus, a message from your onboarding platform or a simple email to introduce new staff is all it takes to avoid uncomfortable and unprofessional situations.
  • Sending a welcome email to new employee works in both directions. It allows you to replay your new colleagues.

You will also find a sample email announcing new employees by linking in this link.


Buddy Welcome & Introducing New Team Member Email


If your company has a well-structured staff onboarding process, there is a high chance that they are also implementing a buddy onboarding. In this context, a “welcoming a new team member email” from your onboarding buddy kick-starts your buddy onboarding programme.

We genuinely believe in the positive impact that an onboarding buddy can have for your new job. So, we are going to pay closer attention to the communication between yourself and your onboarding buddy prior to your job start. The buddy welcomes new team member email, as well as the buddy introducing new team member email, are examples of such communication.

The onboarding buddy is going to be your go-to person for anything informal culture and socialisation, as well as your first day logistics.

Apart from introducing him/herself, the welcome new team member email sent by the buddy, would also briefly clarify the role of the buddy for your onboarding. You will get to know that the buddy will be in charge of properly introducing you to your fellow coworkers and that he/she will be present along your journey as a go-to person.

Welcome Email to New Staff Insights

A welcome email to new staff is able to portray excitement, confidence and being able to inspire trust and motivation in you.

Simple New Staff on Board Email Examples: Styles


Below we are including two simple new staff on board email examples that illustrate this.

Casual Style

We can use a casual style for our simple new staff on board email. It

‘“Hi everyone,

Say welcome to Filip! Filip is our new developer to join us in development starting January 1st. He will take over Mark, as he will be leaving early January as you may recall. Though he has some big shoes to fill, I am confident that we got the right man for the job. Please join me in giving FIlip a warm welcome to the team. We are excited to have you on board!

As part of Filip’s Pre & Onboarding, he will be paired up with Alex as his onboarding buddy. Expect Alex to reach out to some of you in order to set up some introductory meetings during Filip’s induction week.

Filip, you’ll be soon added to Slack team-channels and additional communication and productivity tools. Feel free to jump into the conversations whenever you’re ready!”


Formal Style

A welcome email to introduce new staff using a formal style, it could be:

“Dear team,

Please welcome new team member, Alexandra Doe.

Alexandra will be joining our organisation as a Client Manager with the start date of March 15th.

She has an experience of 3 years as a Junior Account Manager, where she worked with organisations across the Southern Asia region. Her experience will be crucial as we are expanding our business to the Asian continent.

Alexandra will work under the supervision of Maria Delgado, and Sophia Scott will be her onboarding buddy.

Our new team member is a big board games fan, as she can use her logic and collaboration skills while having great fun with her friends. She enjoys constantly trying new food and getting to know new cultures.

She is on track to receiving access to all the communication and collaboration tools that we use on a day to day basis. So I encourage you all to welcome Alexandra and make her feel like a part of our team.

Alexandra, I am excited that you are joining introdus, and I can say on behalf of the entire team, that we are looking forward to achieving great things together! You will be soon receiving your log–in to the Preboarding platform. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to reach me at tlc@hr.introdus.dk.”


Welcome New Staff Email Sample: Informing and Motivating


If your company is only getting started with sending the “welcome new staff email”, there might be doubts over how to strike the right balance between informing and motivating. Communicating the excitement, and convincing the employee of having made the right choice.

If you would like to download the welcome new staff email sample, you’ll find the download link here:


Get the Sample


So we have compiled a welcome new staff email template that can illustrate all of these details. You can find the welcome new staff email sample below:

“Dear [name of new staff],

As I will be your manager at [company name], I wanted to reach out and officially welcome you to the team!

I was pleased to receive the news of your acceptance of the employment offer. So again congratulations for a successful recruitment process and best wishes for what I am sure will be a fruitful collaboration as our new [role that the new employee will fill].

I think that someone with your skills and level of experience will be a great asset to [company name] and that both us and yourself will thrive as a result of our collaboration.

As discussed, your first day will be [start date].

Since we want to make sure you get settled in as smoothly as possible, as part of your Pre & Onboarding you will benefit from the guidance of your onboarding buddy, [buddy name] (who is cc-ed to this email). [She/He] will provide you with additional information about the practicalities of your first day.

We will meet on your first day to discuss your roles and responsibilities in detail. Additionally we will review together your onboarding programme and establish together deadlines and milestones and training opportunities.

Our company is founded on the core values of Constant Improvement and Teamwork. We believe that our best perk and our competitive advantage is a team of professionals always keen to help each other and working together to a shared goal.

Feel free to contact me at [number, email address, etc.] if you have any questions before our meeting on your first day at work.

Again, I am thrilled to have you on board!


[Name and signature]”


Welcome New Team Member Email Template


We have included below an example of a welcome new team member email template. The onboarding buddy signs this welcome email to new staff. It provides a friendly welcome to the new hire, as well as announces the arrival. It also provides some additional information on the social activities to be expected on the first day of work.


“Dear team,

Please welcome our new team member, [new employee name], who is joining our organisation as a [job title] in [department and/ or team]. [His/ Her] first day is [start date].

As I am [new employee name]‘s, I will take the lead on organising the social activities taking place on [his/her] induction day. You will receive an invite in your calendars, so keep an eye for that.

Although we have not finalised the first day schedule, you can expect a welcome breakfast with your new team, so that everyone can say hello and introduce themselves. In the second part of the day, we discuss company culture and motivation for being a part of this company and the key roles that each person plays in the team.

On behalf of the entire team at [company name], we are delighted to welcome you to the family, [employee name]. We are excited for your inputs into the shared efforts and success of our organisation.

A more detailed schedule for [employee name]’s induction week will follow shortly.

Best regards,

[Signatory Employee Name]

[Onboarding Buddy]”


You can consult and download an additional sample welcome email to new team member below. (Note: the line manager singed this welcome new team member email template).


Get the Template


New Employee Introduction Email to Team Members


The new employee introduction email to team members is another easy way that your employer can use to make you feel welcome to your new team.

Key Objectives

We consider that the welcome email for new team members has one overarching purpose, to make a good first impression.

Additionally, subsequent key objectives for the welcome email for new team members are:

  1. To reassess that the company is happy to welcome the new hire and that is appreciative for them. New employees took the employment opportunity over any other competing offer.
  2. To inform the employee of any activities that have to be performed prior to the first day, this would typically include submission of documentation.
  3. If the company has a preboarding process in place, the welcome email for new team members can provide login information and an outline of the preboarding process.
  4. Provide a reminder of the start date and time.
  5. Provide a clear point of reference in case of any needs prior to the start of the employment. In addiction, you will receive contact information from your new colleague.
  6. Make the employee already feel like they are a part of the team and like they are accepted and appreciated. Act also as a catalyst for employee satisfaction and retention.

A welcome email to new staff has to inform, engage and reassure the new hire of having made the right choice when signing the employment contract.

Email Structure

Also, this introduction email can be a form of keeping the team posted with the development of the team structure, and inform them regarding key logistical details.

For example, this email information can be:

  • What role are you going to have in the team
  • If you are going to collaborate with specific individuals more than with others
  • What is the start date

The new employee introduction email or letter to team members will also provide a brief introduction of your past experiences, educational background and location. Some companies might even require you to provide a random fact about yourself, in order to provide a picture of you not only as a professional figure, but also as a person and a personality.

In case of a new management position being filled, the necessity of a welcome email from a new manager to team members is clear, you will want to know:

  • Who your new leader is
  • How to reach him in case of need
  • What to expect in terms of the transition from a leader to another


Email Introducing New Employee to Clients


Introducing a new hire to the team through the welcome mail to new employees is just as important as an email introducing new employee to clients. You can also achieve the latter by utilising the format of an email introducing a new employee to clients.

Imagine that your new company has just hired you for a customer success department, and you suddenly start sending emails and contacting clients. It would look odd and unprofessional in the eyes of clients to not receive a simple informative message, or an update email introducing the new employee.


Conclusion: Set a Good Impression with the Welcome Email to New Staff


It takes so little to set a positive first impression through a welcome email to new staff. It shows the care and consideration that any new hire deserves at the start of a new employee journey. And moreover, a welcome email to staff can even act as a catalyst for employee satisfaction and retention.

introdus, employee onboarding software, is on a mission to help companies create the most rewarding employee experiences both through Preboarding and Onboarding.

You worked hard, you have the right skills and knowledge, you put in the effort during the application and recruitment processes. So, you deserve a great start at your new job.

Ensure remarkable Preboarding experiences with a Welcome email to new staff and a Pre & Onboarding Sftware.


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