Pre & Onboarding Experience

Roy Moonen knew Freedrum Studio was the workplace for him to be in.

Roy Moonen

Roy’s Perspective

I was convinced that I could add something to the company.

—Roy Moonen, Developer at Freedrum Studio AD.

Roy moved to Copenhagen in the beginning of 2019 in hopes to continue his dreams as a musician. Like the rest of us, he needed to find a job. As a drummer and someone who studied Music Technology, Roy finally found a job which suited him extremely well and where both worlds meet. 

Despite living in Copenhagen and working in Malmö, Roy never felt anxious or stressed when he started working at Freedrum. Everything just fell into place. They had a couple meetings before his first day wherein they discussed everything he needed to know to be fully prepared for his new role.

Spotlight Quote

This job is fitting to my personal needs.

—Roy Moonen, Developer at Freedrum Studio AD.

Roy Moonen

Easy Beginnings


“I was never nervous or anxious because it’s about music and I’m comfortable when it comes to music. I also think the product is something that fits me personally.”

Everyone wants to be able to bring something valuable to their work, especially when it’s your dream job. Keep yourself engaged from the beginning, just as Roy did, and continue adding fuel to that fire! This you can do during your Pre & Onboarding stage.

It’s vital for you to get the best practices in place, so you’ll manage to equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence you need to get started. 

If your organisation is not ready for you, then here is a list of tips which could assist you in your Onboarding journey. 

  • Familiarize the hardware and software you will be using, prior to first day.
  • Set up all corporate accounts and be granted access to any digital tools and software necessary in fulfilling your work duties. Have all these prepared for your first day of work.
  • Get a full understanding of the company’s security guidelines through modules or training. 
  • Know what your team’s workflow is and which tools they are using in managing it so you are ready from the get-go.

In order to continually improve this process, remember to give and receive feedback. This would make it easier for you, your boss, your team and for other new hires in the future. Lastly, never forget the relationship-building aspect of this process, whether it be online or in-person. This would make you feel like you belong, safe, respected, and supported in an organization where you grow and thrive. 

Pre & Onboarding Experiences

The organisation might not be ready for you when you start, meaning you are left by yourself with no guidance on how to find your way.

—Andreas Olesen, ex HR Business Operations for Medtronic.

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