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Initially, the virtual onboarding experience was not common among the new hires of business organizations before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2019. However, the virus caused many businesses worldwide to jettison the usual traditional in-person onboarding process and embrace technological tools such as video conferencing tools, online resources, and webinars to bring onboard their new hires. 

The use of technological tools caused many newly employed workers to have different virtual onboarding experiences in their course of joining a new organization.

Without mincing words, many employees in their virtual onboarding experience have encountered the new normal in their mode of operations, such as working remotely from their homes. Many of them believe that virtual onboarding ensures a smooth onboarding process that aids their comprehensive understanding of the culture and value of their new employers. 

According to Kelly Chuck, a member of LinkedIn’s learning and development team in her virtual onboarding experience of new hires, she said “the company had to embrace a week-long virtual program. In this, the new employees were presented with the check-in message from the top management team members of the company”.

 Also, the newly employed workers of the company were required to watch the different live video presentations from the leaders of the company to know the values and culture of LinkedIn as an organization.

This article will discuss the virtual onboarding experience, the virtual experience feedback, and the virtual onboarding and the new hire experience. 


Virtual Onboarding Experience Feedback


According to Alykhan Rehmatullah, vice president of content strategy at iCIMS, a talent management software company, in his virtual onboarding experience feedback he said, “many have come to realize that video is the future, and what is more, it is already a huge part of our daily lives“. 

Also, he said, “employers can mirror that authentic and convenient communication and collaboration experience for candidates and employees through various forms of videos. Again, he said with virtual onboarding, employers can engage actively with their employees from their first point of contact with the company and throughout the onboarding process and after that.

He said that the virtual onboarding experience enabled business organizations to modernize the recruitment and onboarding program and establish the proper engagement with their new hires through video communication, collaboration, and training tools that enhance employees’ productivity and prolong their stay in the company.


Virtual Onboarding Experience

Virtual onboarding exposed me to many online courses that improved my capacity to perform my role as an SEO specialist.

According to Bo Cui, Junior SEO Specialist at MediaGroup Worldwide.

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In another virtual onboarding experience feedback, Farnaz Ronaghi, co-founder and CTO at NovoEd, revealed in a survey of 150 L&D professionals that about 54% felt that the quality of employee training had improved during the covid-19 pandemic, and 79% said online training produced better outcomes than in-person learning. 

He continued, the sudden transition to remote work forced many companies to rethink and redesign their onboarding experiences for new employees, and the result has an approach to virtual onboarding built on the following:

  • Consistent, high-quality experiences that are available to all new hires at scale irrespective of where they are working.
  • Expanded onboarding experiences that enable new workers to practice and develop new skills while they are working.
  • Have access to learning that empowers new hires to revisit and put new knowledge into practice when required.
  • Availability of multi-layered support via effective connections with managers, experts, and co-workers across the organization.

In his virtual onboarding experience of the new hires, Ryan Healy, the president and co-founder of Brazen, a provider of virtual hiring events, said virtual onboarding offers video presentation in place of the document and physical presentation to provide engaging onboarding experiences for remote workers

Furthermore, he said, “video has been one of the best tools building connections remotely because it establishes a more engaging experience.  Also, it provides more hands-on support and training that new employees need to achieve the desired success in their new remote roles.

Chip Houghton, the senior director of talent management practices at Liberty Mutual Insurance, said in his virtual onboarding experience for new hires in his organization that video is a vital step in connecting remote employees with the company’s identity and ethical values. 

He also stated that virtual onboarding with tools had become a reliable way for new hires to feel the company’s culture without being in the company’s premises.

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Virtual Onboarding and The New Hire Experience


Virtual onboarding enabled new hires to know their new employers’ values and mode of operations from their remote locations. One of the new hire experiences is that of Sean Choi, Senior Strategist at The Martin Agency, who shared his experience on; he said, “it was more so empowering and quite educational in the sense of making all the employees feel prepared. 

According to him, with virtual onboarding exercises, employees were introduced to the company’s activities and embraced their companies’ culture. Also, he stated that virtual onboarding provides a sense of connection among the employees with the virtual chats and virtual coffee chats, thereby recreating that experience one could have in the office. 

He concluded by saying, “I think there are lots of different creative ways that people can bring to life as we all work from home. 

In his experience as a new hire with virtual onboarding, Bo Cui, a Junior SEO Specialist at MediaGroup Worldwide, said “virtual onboarding exposed me to many online courses that improved my capacity to perform my role as an SEO specialist”. 

Also, he said the availability of an online tool for internal communication and collaboration between him and other new hires allowed them to exchange ideas and learn different skills from each other and thus enhancing their competence in the process. 

Onboarding Remote Employees

There are lots of different creative ways that people can bring remote work to life as we all work from home.

— Sean Choi, Senior Strategist at The Martin Agency.

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No doubt, the success of virtual onboarding is centred on the nature of the software used to undertake the exercise. A tool like introdus will make the new hires experience a fascinating virtual onboarding exercise. It is embedded with tailor-made onboarding program that will create mind-boggling experience with the educational videos that get you ready to hit the ground running. 

In conclusion, with the right onboarding tool, you are assured of a great virtual onboarding experience that will aid you in understanding the company’s ethics and, at the same time, contribute your quota to the growth and productivity of your new employer.

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