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New hires have a clear objective: integrate and start productive work. But often this is easier said than done. Employee onboarding solutions are an answer to the various challenges of onboarding. They can be the backbone of a streamlined onboarding programme that guarantees the best employee onboarding experiences. 

But what are the best employee onboarding software? Why use employee onboarding tool? Who are the benefits of utilising onboarding solutions? This article will address all of these questions. We recommend integrating this sample onboarding plan for new employees in your employee onboarding solution.

What Is an Employee Onboarding Solution?


You need an employee onboarding solution if you have challenges during your employee onboarding process.

An employee onboarding software helps to revolutionise how businesses onboard their new hires. Just to take a simple example. Many companies do onboarding as a paperwork-heavy process. New employees come in, read through and sign a bunch of papers, greet everyone, and tour the office. Then, they are good to go. Even if they experience some training and learning, it might be completely ad-hoc. There is no long-term vision.


Types of Employee Onboarding Solutions


There are various employee onboarding solutions on the market. HR onboarding tools vary from one organisation to another, simply because their onboarding goals are different. However, they aid every business organisation in achieving their specific onboarding objectives. 

Some HR onboarding solutions are more narrowly focused, while others are more comprehensive. As always, the organisational context of a business will represent the deciding factor for a solution over another. Thus let’s check these two types of HR onboarding solutions:


1. Single-focus HR Onboarding Solutions


This type of HR onboarding solutions do not try to facilitate the onboarding process as a whole, but a very specific sub-process. Additionally, many of the available solutions are compatible with each other. They focus on very specific sub-processes. These are multiple types of single-focus HR onboarding solutions:

Documentation Processing & E-signature Solutions

The sole focus of documentation processing & e-signature solutions is an easy handling of paperwork. It ensures that all documents processing happens in due time, and that everything is easily stored in one place. All of this is possible with smart onboarding documentation.

RPA HR onboarding for IT onboarding

RPA stands for robotics process automation. It involves the use of bots for performing high-volume and repetitive operational tasks. Its use case for IT onboarding implies that a hiring manager ensures the creation of access credentials and ordering a workstation with a single click. The Robotics process automation ensures an automatic workflow that sets in motion once a new person signs an employment contract. Ordering equipment and creating credentials is a process that is repetitive and rule-based. With RPA HR onboarding HR personnel can focus on more meaningful tasks to make your onboarding more engaging and emotionally connected.

Onboarding Experience Feedback Solutions

Onboarding Experience Feedback Solutions only collect feedback from new hires concerning their onboarding experiences. But they are not utilised for actually planning and adjusting any onboarding agendas. The data collected through onboarding experience feedback solutions can inform adjustments. But such adjustments will be implemented outside of the feedback solutions.

Employee Onboarding Training and E-learning Solutions

As the name suggests, onboarding training and e-learning solutions focus on the skill and knowledge development of new hires. Such solutions could be, for example, an online learning library.

Onboarding Buddy Platform

A Buddy Platform pairs employees well-versed into the company culture with new hires. The goal is to facilitate a new hire’s cultural acclimation and social integration.

Task Manager Solutions

Task Manager Solutions document the progress of a new hire from simple tasks until achieving full productivity.


2. The All-in-One HR Onboarding Solutions


Again, as the name suggests, an all-in-one HR onboarding solution would not break the onboarding process in single sub-processes, but will facilitate the entire complex process.

This means that an all-in-on Onboarding Platform, or IT Onboarding Software will handle onboarding documentation, social onboarding, task management, learning etc.

Such complete HR onboarding solutions provide you with a proactive way of coming on board with your new employer by taking care of all the tasks associated with joining a new company. 

Furthermore, all encompassing HR onboarding solutions promote effective collaboration between all the internal actors involved in your onboarding. Be it HR, IT, line management, all relevant actors know their appropriate tasks and requirements. Additionally, everything is synced to ensure a smooth first day at work experience. Thus, to solve the larger problem, a full-scale solution will get you there quicker and more efficiently than investing in multiple different tools.

An example of an employee onboarding solution is introdus. It is an all-in-one employee onboarding software that ensures a straightforward onboarding roadmap for new hires of an organisation. In addition, it helps you to understand the culture and values of your employer. Again, it enhances your capacity to come to speed on time and achieve optimum performance with various educational multimedia content.

CLIENT INSIGHTS: Employee Onboarding Solutions

We needed something that could mold to us and our specific needs and be practical.

—Carlos Pasquali, Customer Success Director at Connected Cars.

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Why Use Employee Onboarding Software?


The staff onboarding process plays a very important role when you start a new job. Regardless of your level of experience, regardless of your skillset, you need onboarding. Even in cases of coming back to work for a former employer, you still need to go through an onboarding process (or a re-onboarding).

Needless to say, your first experiences in a new job can shape your future in that company. Receiving care, support and consideration means that your employer wants you to succeed. On the other hand, a lack of care and consideration can make you feel an instant disengagement. This can prompt you to seek new opportunities right away. This is why we stress the meaning of onboarding for your employee lifecycle.

So, we know how important early onboarding experiences are for you as a new hire. But are companies actually delivering on your expectations? No, they are not, as shown by industry data.

Gallup showcases that only 29% of new hires declare feeling fully prepared and supported after onboarding. Additionally, a complementary Gallup study reveals even more worrying data. Only 12% of employees strongly agree their organisation does a great job of onboarding new employees.

Thus, companies need to define strategic onboarding. They will be able to reduce new employee turnover and increase engagement with an employee onboarding solution. All of a sudden, the onboarding exercise is more structured and more professional, and there is less room for error. So, let’s review the advantages of using employee onboarding solutions.

Benefits of Employee Onboarding Software Solutions

Onboarding was more empowering and quite educational in the sense of making all the employees feel prepared.

— Sean Choi, Senior Strategist at The Martin Agency.

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The 6 Benefits of Using Employee Onboarding Software


Digital solutions can simplify the onboarding process for candidates, recruiters, HR personnel and onboarding managers. Let’s find out the various ways in which your new hire experiences improve when your employer leverages an employee onboarding solution. 


1. A More Consistent Onboarding Experience


We often hear that first impression last long. Employee onboarding solutions will create the right impression in the hearts of new workers. Employee onboarding solutions will also centralise all your information into a secure location that is just a few clicks away. Moreover, there is a clear focus on making you understand your employer’s culture and ethical value.

As a new hire, you benefit from a streamlined process that boosts compliance, saves a lot of time, and ensures that you derive a valuable onboarding experience. And this experience is valid for any single new hire, regardless of the size of your company, or your physical location, or the local team handling your onboarding exercise. Every single new hire benefits from an equally qualitative onboarding. 


2. Enhanced Productivity


Employee onboarding solutions establish a process that allows your active participation, thereby aiding you in settling into your new role in a shorter time and achieving peak productivity with ease.

Furthermore, employee onboarding solutions allow your employer to focus on productivity and performance enhancing-tasks such as face-to-face conversation and providing you with what you need to succeed in your role. You are empowered with the information you need to hit the ground running. Moreover, you have a clear process that details all the steps and the major objectives and milestones. 

Employee onboarding solutions make you feel at home from your first day at work.


3. Fun and Innovative Activities


For example, through onboarding gamification, game-based elements such as competition, scores, and rewards, enhance your onboarding process. This will boost morale and motivate employees at the beginning of their new jobs.

Bo Cui, the Junior Specialist at MediaGroup Worldwide,highlights that the use of an onboarding solution enabled him to turn his challenges into motivations. Using the tool allowed him to feel connected with other people by exchanging valuable ideas.


4. Easier Management and Coordination


Through onboarding automation, HR departments and onboarding managers can easily coordinate their tasks and roles. Additionally, they save time and resources by utilising templates and timelines. These tools can be easily customised to better match the new hire’s needs. 

An employee onboarding solution will lay a solid foundation for a wonderful onboarding experience for you and your employer.


5. Easier Learning


Employee onboarding solutions facilitate e-learning, training and onboarding sessions. This makes the learning experience more flexible to the device, location, and needs of the individual new hire. You can always go back and consult a learning module. Additionally, depending on your progress and needs, your employer can allocate additional learning resources to support you.

According to Sean Choi, Senior Strategist at The Martin Agency who had the experience of onboarding with introdus,”the content that was shared just seemed to make sure I had the best onboarding experience possible.” Also, he stated, “it was more empowering and quite educational in the sense of making all the employees feel prepared, which I think can go a long way in an onboarding process. 


6. Positive Employee Onboarding Experiences Lead to Talent Retention


Employee onboarding solutions eradicate the inefficiencies that are synonymous with the traditional onboarding process. It does so by eliminating the boring manual paperwork and attending to the needs of the new hires right from their first day at work.

As a result, the positive employee onboarding experiences which result from a streamlined onboarding process impact your loyalty to the organisation. When you feel commitment to your new workplace, you are less prone to look for other opportunities. As a consequence, this will save employers from the high employee turnover and repeated recruitment exercises.


Employee Onboarding Solutions Create Better Pre & Onboarding Experiences

The key to eliminating the anxiety of new hires is to give them a good start.

—Simone Sonn, Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding at LEO Pharma.

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Employee Onboarding Solutions: Concluding Remarks


New hires should benefit from an onboarding process that creates employee engagement, satisfaction, retention, and productivity with employee onboarding solutions. According to the Society for Human Resources Management, 58% of employees are more likely to stay for more than three years when they have experienced a structured Onboarding process.

Again, HR onboarding solutions create an automated, well-planned onboarding backone that gives a memorable experience to new hires. Also, onboarding automation ensures a seamless new hire onboarding exercise that makes you feel valued, thus aiding you in coming to speed in your new job role.

In conclusion, with employee onboarding solutions, you are assured of an onboarding process that will make you experience ease in settling down into your new role in a company and attain optimum performance. Employee onboarding solutions will provide you with all that you need to achieve a great start with a new employer.

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