3 Steps to Leverage Digital Employee Onboarding


A digital employee onboarding provides you with a time-saving and flexible experience. Imagine being excited about getting a job in a new workplace and only for you to resume on the first day and be bombarded with the manual workflows and cumbersome paperwork. No doubt, you will be frustrated and thus making you lose your initial excitement and motivation. 

As a result, you will get uninterested in the employment, causing your productivity level to drop, and you will be on the lookout for another job elsewhere. 

Without mincing words, this is the reality that most employees face these days in their new workplace; they are overwhelmed with too much information that they do not know what to do with. Also, they experience an inability to understand their job roles, responsibilities, work ethics, and routine. 

However, the onboarding experience is always different from the virtual employee onboarding. Digital employee onboarding is the process of using online tools and technology to have you onboard in a new company.

Digital employee onboarding provides you with a time-saving and flexible onboarding compared to the traditional onboarding process that is synonymous with rigorous paperwork and overwhelming work information. 

According to Andreas Olesen, as a new hire, you have the potential to bring in a unique perspective that can propel the productivity of your company. However, this is achievable with a smooth onboarding experience on your first day at work. 

This article discusses digital employee onboarding, its role in making your transition in a new workplace hassle-free, and how it can aid you to come to speed in fulfilling your job obligations. 

Effective Strategic Onboarding

The new hires have the potential to bring in a unique perspective on the organisation.

—Andreas Olesen, HR Business Operations for Medtronic.

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Importance of Digital Onboarding for New Employees


During the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2019, many employees were forced to be working remotely; digital employee onboarding allowed employees to be onboarded from their remote locations. It involved the use of virtual tools without halting their ability to contribute their quota to the overall productivity of their companies. 

Not living near your company’s location is no longer a disadvantage with digital employee onboarding as a new worker.

Digital onboarding for new employees leverages digital training tools during your onboarding to assist your understanding of workflows and expectations. The following are the advantages of digital onboarding for new employees.

  • You are allowed to complete the entire onboarding phase at your pace: this is because it offers a simple onboarding to learn from. With this feature, you avoid the pressure often associated with the traditional onboarding. 
  • It ensures you miss out on nothing because checklists and confirmations are in-built. You can hit the ground running with this because you are not exposed to unnecessary information unrelated to your role. 
  • It enhances your productivity and accountability because it allows your activities to be tracked by your employer irrespective of your location. 
  • You are presented with training materials consistent with your job roles and responsibilities in a central location with the digital employee onboarding.

Traditional employee onboarding is centred on introduction to coworkers and managers, workplace tours, and others; these are also not left out of digital employee onboarding. However, they are done online with a focus on digital tools and effective workflows.  

With a digital employee onboarding, you will experience a better time-to-competency, software proficiency, and engagement because it is more flexible than the traditional onboarding.

The use of digital employee onboarding offers you attractive content and less paperwork that enhances your capacity to have clarity of job role and attain workflow mastery. It is a virtual onboarding process with automated and streamlined onboarding mechanisms that simplify how you navigate and engage in your early days at work.  

It will ensure that you are provided with a unique learning experience of what you need to succeed in your new role. 

Online Employee Onboarding

introdus has been the absolute main driver in achieving the digital journey for the employees.

—Dorte van der Linden, Talent Acquisition Manager at Milestone Systems.

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How to Leverage Digital Employee Onboarding


With the following steps, you will get the best out of the digital employee onboarding. 

Step 1: Clarity of purpose: this involves having clear goals for the onboarding: When your onboarding goal is in place, you can achieve decreased time-to-competency and enhanced productivity with ease.

 You should Endeavour to translate your onboarding goals into measurable objectives. Again, you need to establish a set of metrics and key performances such as productivity level and job satisfaction to track your progress during the onboarding. 

Step 2: Development of a digital onboarding strategy: after defining your digital onboarding goals, the next line of action is how to achieve these goals. Your digital training is vital in your onboarding strategy to attain a mastery of the workflows and expectations. 

The amount of training you undertake will set the tone of your competence and productivity. Hence you must pay attention to your online training to boost your on-the-job performance after the exercise.

Step 3: Implementation and monitoring of the digital onboarding program: here, you are required to continuously monitor and optimize the digital onboarding to achieve the desired onboarding objectives. 

In reality, the nature of the digital onboarding tool says a lot about the onboarding experience you will derive. A tool like introdus will turn your onboarding process into simple, fun-filled, engaging irrespective of whether you are onboarding remotely.  

The use of introdus as your digital employee onboarding platform will deliver a smooth onboarding for an easier first-day experience on your new job. In addition, you will learn from a structured onboarding process that teaches and enables you to attain full productivity within a short time. 

As a tool, introdus will offer you the right education you need to get to speed and deliver your work expectations. This is because it has different multimedia content that will aid the understanding of your workflow properly, thereby enhancing your capacity to perform your core tasks. 

According to the Society for Human Resources management, digital employee onboarding improves employee engagement because it helps build a worker’s experience created to train, engage, and retain you in your new workplace. In addition, with the digital employee onboarding, you are assured of a platform that ensures effective transition into your new role with great job satisfaction. 

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