Pre & Onboarding Experience

“Onboarding is difficult, you have to do everything from scratch”

Jakob Bølling Hanssen

New Hire Journey

Because everything is so new, you don’t really know what to expect.

—Jakob Bølling Hanssen, Former Interim Head of Sales at Session.

Jakob Bølling Hanssen is the former Interim Head of Sales at Session, a global online coaching company connecting professionals and companies with world-class business coaches. He shared his experiences of when he started working at Session. 

Challenges of Starting a New Job

Thinking about Onboarding, it was kind of difficult because you get in and basically have to do everything from scratch.

Jakob Bølling Hanssen, Former Interim Head of Sales at Session.

In Jakob’s Own Words

I’m working as the Interim Head of Sales at Session. We’re basically helping companies by making their whole upskilling better. I stared in Session a few months ago, back in June, July (2021). On my first onboarding day, I didn’t feel stressed in the negative way. I just felt more like excitement,” Jakob explained.

Jakob was in an interim position, meaning, he was hired by Session on a temporary basis to help out with a specific project. However, even if it was a temporary job, Jakob found a way to steer his own Onboarding. He did so by acknowledging what else he needed. He kept himself motivated by creating frameworks for his Onboarding. This was possible, as he already had a clear vision of his role and was able to produce the highest quality of work.


Jakob’s First Day

Did I feel ready – no, I don’t think that you ever feel ready for a new job, right? Because everything is so new. You don’t really know what to expect. But I mean, it was fine. I just think in general, when you start a new job, then just be OK with not having everything figured out beforehand. Be OK that things take time.

Onboarding DOES take time, and when done right, you become a high performing employee! No matter if you are an temporary worker or an employee with an unlimited contract, Onboarding is essential for you. You are playing a role in the company and will contribute to the business outcomes.

You are part of their story, regardless of the duration of your contributions.

New Employee First Day Checklist

  • Meet your buddy in the reception area.
  • Workstation takeover and mobile handout.
  • Having breakfast or a coffee break with the whole department.
  • Get your access card.
  • Participate in an office facilities tour.
  • Meeting with supervisor/ manager and walkthrough of induction plan.
  • Overview of mandatory trainings and e-learning. (Optional: Receive a training checklist for new employees.)
  • Introduction to colleagues and lunch.
  • General company introduction.
  • Ensure that you can log in to your work station and all equipment is working properly.
  • Participate in a Buddy 1:1 meeting.
  • Receive office supplies, manuals for hardware etc.


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