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It is quite customary for a new hire onboarding process to include at least one onboarding survey that can assess the progress of the journey and collect feedback for enacting change. Since we know that you want to be prepared, we have compiled a sample of new hire orientation survey questions that you can expect to be asked. In this way you can get an idea of what to expect and have the opportunity to reflect and prepare ahead of your meeting.

Thus, this article will investigate numerous examples of onboarding experience survey questions. Moreover, as you will find out in the article, we make a claim for the need of multiple onboarding surveys, not only at the end of your onboarding. But, for example, also after the first 30 days. As such, you can also find examples for the 30 day onboarding survey questions. Furthermore, you can quickly download the sample employee onboarding survey questions below:

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What is the Employee Onboarding Survey?


The onboarding satisfaction survey is not only an instrument for auditing your performance and progress at the start of a new job. It is also a feedback collection mechanism that can inform your employer of shortcomings or challenges present in their staff onboarding process arrangements. Your feedback can provide the basis for additional support, as well as a call for improving the onboarding of future employees.


Employee Onboarding Survey Questions: Key Objectives

Onboarding Insights

Onboarding new employees is a make or break opportunity for organisations.

—Liz Pavese-Kaplan, Ph.D. & Principal Consultant of Employee Experience for Qualtrics.

Any survey is a data collection instrument. Thus there is a need for a clear objective that informs the kinds of questions to ask, and the kinds of information that need obtaining. Thus, it is essential for any employer to have predefined objectives when formulating the employee onboarding survey questions. We regard the following as key objectives of the onboarding survey. We should note that these objectives are always present, regardless of the onboarding stage.

1. Improve the overall onboarding experiences for new hires.

2. Increase the employee engagement rate.

3. Increase the retention rate, and implicitly, decrease the new hire turnover rate.

4. Increase the employee work satisfaction rate.

5. Increase the employee productivity, and implicitly, decrease the time to complete integration.

6. Preserve a positive employer branding.

7. Ensure a coherent employee value proposition.

Onboarding Insights

After a negative onboarding experience, 1 in 5 new hires are unlikely to recommend the employer to a family member or friend.

—Digitate, What the CIO sees—that other people don’t.

Additionally, prior to formulating the employee onboarding survey questions, one would have to find answers to the following questions:


  • At what stage is the employee in their onboarding journey? It is just the beginning, or is it the end?
  • Is there room for adjusting onboarding process?
  • Is the survey focused on social and cultural integration or is it strictly focused on job performance?
  • (Linked to the previous question) Who is going to conduct the survey? HR? The line manager? The Onboarding Buddy?


New Hire Survey Questions: Key Themes


Once the objectives of the onboarding are clarified, and the specifics of when, who and why of conducting the survey, it can be a good idea to identify the key themes of the survey. Once the themes are identified, the new hire survey questions can be formulated with ease.

We have identified the following key themes that would serve as the blueprint for the new hire survey questions:

1. Recruitment vs Onboarding: Expectations vs. lived realities

2. Onboarding feedback: Satisfaction with the onboarding process

3. Onboarding feedback: Role clarity

4. Onboarding feedback: Additional needs

5. Integration: Engagement and connectedness


Invitation to the Onboarding Survey Template


We have drafted an invitation to the onboarding survey template. Communication and transparency are always welcome when you are still working towards being integrated in a new company.

Receiving an invitation to the onboarding survey is a great way to know in advance what to expect.

We have decided to include in our invitation to the onboarding survey template information on the purpose of the survey, the general topic of discussion, as well as the stage of the onboarding journey when the survey will take place.

Thus, we have drafted for you an invitation to the onboarding survey email template, which can be easily adapted to any stage of the onboarding journey, be it at the very end, or after only 30 days from starting your onboarding process.

You can download the invitation to the onboarding survey template below:


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Onboarding Questions for New Hires


As promised at the beginning of the article, we have drafted a list of onboarding questions for new hires. We have decided to structure these questions in categories that would reflect your onboarding journey.

Hence, our onboarding questions for new hires are structured into: day 14 onboarding survey questions (focused on the new job orientation), 30 day onboarding survey questions, end of onboarding survey questions (post onboarding survey).

Additionally, we have included some specific virtual onboarding survey questions, as we acknowledge that a virtual onboarding process presents some specific challenges that any employer must be proactive towards.

So here are the questions you might be presented with during your onboarding feedback survey:


Day 14 Onboarding Survey Questions


1. Was the job description presented to you during the recruitment process accurate?

2. Did you get a clear overview of your onboarding process from the first day on the job?

3. How would you describe your Preboarding process?

4. Was it important for you to have access to Preboarding activities?

5. Did you feel ready and confident to start your new job? Did the preboarding activities contribute to this in any way?

6. Were you stressed on the first day at work (onboarding day)? Why (not)?

7. Was your equipment ready on day 1?

8. What was the most important element for your onboarding to date?

9. Is there anything that you wish we had included in your onboarding programme for the first 14 days on the job? What?

10. Did you start feeling engaged with your team and the workplace?


30 Day Onboarding Survey Questions


1. Are you satisfied with the amount of time spent together with your supervisor/ mentor/ manager? Do you need more time with him/her/them?

2. Have you received sufficient training? Has it answered all your questions or concerns?

3. If not, what supplementary new employee training needs do you still have?

4. What is the biggest challenge you experienced to date?

5. Do you feel like your team has put in sufficient efforts to integrate and support you?

6. Is there anything that is still unclear to you relating to your role and tasks?

7. Do you feel productive?

8. Did you identify any information gaps? If yes, what were they?

9. Do you feel like your work is meaningful for your team?

10. Do you feel welcome?


Specific Virtual Onboarding Survey Questions


1. Did you feel that enough consideration and effort was put into integrating you notwithstanding the virtual onboarding process?

2. Were you presented with enough opportunities for establishing connections with the team and getting to know them outside of the team meetings?

3. Do you feel connected to your new workplace?

4. Is it clear for you what is the mission and vision of the organisation and how your work relates to them?

5. Do you think that an on-premise onboarding would have presented you with better onboarding experiences? In what way?

6. Was there anything else that your virtual onboarding should have included? What?

7. What was the most important element of your virtual onboarding?

8. Did you achieve full role clarity notwithstanding the virtual onboarding process?

9. Did you feel welcome in the team even if working remotely?

10. Do you feel like you are a good fit for the company culture?


End of Onboarding Survey Questions

Employee Onboarding Survey Questions

1. Are you satisfied with the onboarding process we laid out for you?

2. Is there any support that you feel is still necessary until you can be fully independent and integrated?

3. Were you tpresented with opportunities for establishing meaningful relationships at work?

4. What was the most important element of your complete Onboarding journey?

5. Are you confident in your ability to meet success in your new role? Why (not)?

6. Do you feel like your work is contributing to the success of the organisation?

7. Did you receive sufficient feedback from your direct supervisor to ensure you are meeting expectations and are meeting the milestones of your onboarding journey?

8. Did the lived experiences on the job meet your expectations from day one?

9. Would you recommend this company as a good workplace to your friends and family?

10. Do you see yourself working for this company for a long period of time?

You can quickly download the sample employee onboarding survey questions below:

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We have also drafted a simplified onboarding feedback form template, as a more simplified feedback collection tool. This onboarding feedback form could provide the preamble to a more complex discussion to have at the end of your onboarding process.

Employee Onboarding Survey Questions: Concluding Remarks


Any employer has a duty towards you as a new employee to facilitate your integration into your new team and your new role. Feedback collections tools ensure that your experiences are scrutinised and optimised, so that you can achieve long term success and commitment to the company mission and vision from day one or even earlier. Moreover feedback collection tools ensure reporting progress in accordance to your onboarding metrics.

A Pre & Onboarding Software can facilitate data collection and ensure that your employer is aware of your supplementary needs and any rising challenges.

The whole team at introdus, employee onboarding software, campaigns for your needs at the start of a new job. You bring your best intentions, your motivation to be successful, as well as your skills and knowledge. But that is not always enough to grant you success in the new job. Your employer has to provide you with the proper support that complements what you bring to the company, and enhances your productive capabilities.

As such, we are devoted to creating tools and instruments that aid both you and your fellow co-workers, but also your employer. Apart from the sample of a new hire onboarding survey, we are also creating multiple onboarding checklists, a sample onboarding plan for new employees and an onboarding flow chart, just to name a few.

Collect feedback from the Employee Onboarding Survey effortlessly with a Pre & Onboarding Software.


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