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Find the Right Tools for Ensuring a Rewarding Onboarding Experience


We will never get tired of stressing how high is the role played by the new staff onboarding process, and how helpful tools like an onboarding flow chart can be. 

The data speaks for itself: in a study conducted by introdus, employee onboarding software, 92% of all interviewed employees stated that a structured Pre & Onboarding process is crucial for them to get a great start at their new job.

And yet, there are still many companies that do not offer a comprehensive program to their employees. In fact, 22% of companies have no formal onboarding program according to a study published by Harvard Business Review in 2015. 

So it is not surprising to hear that up to 20% of employee turnover happens in the first 45 days of employment, according to Michelle Smith, Vice President of Marketing for O.C. Tanner, an employee recognition and incentives consulting company. She goes on to say that: “This number is even higher with `emerging´ adults. They define success differently than other generations” (referring to Millennials and Gen-Z).

The new staff onboarding process does not have to be such a daunting process, especially when there are  simple and effective solutions readily available on the market and easily adaptable to any company’s needs. An employee onboarding flow chart can represent a useful tool for managing the onboarding process. 

So we have compiled this article for you, containing both reasons for using an hr onboarding process flow chart and examples of employee onboarding flow chart template and IT and training flowcharts.   

Onboarding Process Flowchart


We are all familiarized and must have been at least once exposed to a flowchart – it is a generic but extremely adaptable tool, which can be utilized for a variety of purposes. 

When thinking about the onboarding process,  a new employee onboarding flow chart would display in a graphic manner the separate steps of an employee joining process in a sequential order. 

There are multiple reasons for utilizing an HR onboarding process flow chart: 

  1. Visual clarity to concepts that are otherwise difficult to understand. Even if the company will provide documents and work instructions, the information which is displayed visually will help you easily identify points of interest at a glance.
  2. Instant and improved communication of processes and workflows, so that you become familiarized right off the bat with the onboarding process map.
  3. An onboarding process flowchart will represent a form of proper documentation – which is easily digestible by new employees. After all, it is known that many people learn better visually than they do by reading.
  4. Effective Coordination – a successful onboarding of an employee would require the participation of multiple members across the organization. An employee onboarding flow chart would ensure that events are properly sequenced and that the potential for overburdening team members is reduced.  
  5. Increased Efficiency is ensured as the employee onboarding flow chart lists each step necessary to perform in the process. The flowchart helps the HR manager/ workforce coordinator remove unnecessary steps in the process, and ensures that only the steps that represent requirements to reach the endpoint of the process are included. 

Manually creating flowcharts can be time consuming, since you’d have to draw by hand the shapes and other elements. This fact might deter companies from using this tool, in spite of its clear advantages.

So we have designed an onboarding flow chart template, which can provide inspiration and help with future implementations in your organisation.  

Download it here


New-hire Training Process Flow Chart


Approximately 86% of employees declare that job training is important to them, according to Survey Monkey. 59% of these employees say that training improves their overall job performance. However, only 52% of employees think their employer provides the right amount of training, according to the same study published by Survey Monkey.

Onboarding Flow Chart

Approximately 86% of employees declare that job training is important to them.

—According to Survey Monkey.

Well-trained employees are well-performing employees, which benefits companies: career improvements due to supplementary training programmes predictably benefit employers. In fact, organizations that offer comprehensive training experience a 24% higher profit margin, according to data published by the Huffington Post. 

A New-hire training process flow chart can provide you with an overview of your training activities on your roadmap to being fully boarded into the company.

Onboarding Flow Chart: Find the Right Tools for Ensuring a Rewarding Onboarding Experience

IT Onboarding Process Flow Chart


Timely access to equipment and digital tools is a prerequisite for a successful onboarding of new hires. The Pre & Onboarding Survey carried by introdus, employee onboarding software, confirmed that 75% of all interviewed employees defined having their equipment ready for their first say as extremely important for a successful onboarding experience. 88.5% of the employees highlighted that, when talking about equipment, having their laptop ready is of utmost importance. 84.6% of employees reinstated the importance of having their work email ready for the first day.

An IT onboarding process flow chart can display in a clear manner the sequential steps required for ensuring that the new hire is prepared to start working productively from their first day. 

Onboarding Flow Chart: Find the Right Tools for Ensuring a Rewarding Onboarding Experience

We have created an IT onboarding process flow chart, conceptualized as a timeline that is essential to generate an appropriate comprehension from both new hires attending the employee onboarding process and the professionals internally managing the onboarding process.

Streamlined processes and tools aid organizations and HR professionals provide you with a smooth onboarding experience. An employee joining process flow chart diagram, creates a complete picture of the post-hiring processes reassuring you that your onboarding experiences matter and that effort is being made into accommodating you into the company from the very first day.

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