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The role of an effective staff onboarding process in a company’s growth cannot be over-emphasized; it is responsible for increased engagement levels, decreased time to proficiency, and reduced turnover. 

After your employment as a new staff member, you need to build a strong connection with the new workplace to contribute your quota to the overall productivity. Achieving this could be made easier with a proper staff onboarding process in your early days at work, based on an employee journey map.

The process of staff onboarding in a new workplace should help you have a mastery of the company’s core activities. Unfortunately, the reality of most new employees after their resumption is the poor staff onboarding process which hinders their ability to deliver as expected.

According to Digitate, in 2021, workers who experienced a negative staff onboarding process are twice as likely to seek other career opportunities elsewhere in the future. 

Also, the report stated that 1 out of 5 new workers is unlikely to recommend an employer. The lack of an effective staff onboarding process could be fatal for any organization as it will be recruiting workers frequently. Thus, the task of retaining good workers becomes a tough nut to crack, resulting in poor productivity and the high cost of recruitment. 

This article addresses the staff onboarding process; how you, as a new staff members can be onboarded with ease and delight.


Having a New Staff Onboard

Getting to Know the Challenges

To have you onboarded successfully requires creating the right impression in you, and it involves you not being overwhelmed with unnecessary paperwork. Reduced paperwork during the staff onboarding process increases employee engagement, improving the retention rate by 82%. 

Onboarding of new staff entails avoiding the following challenges:

  • Bombarding new staff members with information on day 1: being bombarded with too much information on your first day at work could be overwhelming and frustrating. However, most employers are fond of doing this in their bid to bring you to speed. However, the use of the onboarding application helps automate paperwork of your company rather than manual documentation, which could be prone to errors.
  • Lack of role clarity: Another staff onboarding challenge is the lack of clarity on job roles and responsibilities. You are always in a dilemma when you are not aware of your roles, responsibilities, and expectations.
  • Lack of continuous training program: Employing great talents and providing them with the necessary skills are not enough to guarantee excellent performance. What you need to stay relevant in your role for long is continuous training. 
  • Lack of right onboarding content tailored to job roles: Inability to have the proper onboarding flows tailored to your specific job roles could be boring.
  • Lack of easy-to-use software: Working with an employee onboarding software without the ease of use feature could be frustrating for you, and hinder your productivity. In addition, your employer would be responsible for training you on how to use the software you will be working with. 


Staff Onboarding Spotlight

Reduced paperwork during the staff onboarding process increases employee engagement, improving the retention rate by 82%.

According to Digitate, AI and Automation Platform.

Staff Onboarding Process

Achieve Desired Outcomes

No doubt, staff onboarding checklists aim to assist you in acclimatizing to your roles and responsibilities and have a better understanding of your work expectations. A great staff onboarding plan will promote better job performance, increased efficiency, and higher employee satisfaction.

The following steps will help you in experiencing a great staff onboarding process:

  • Having your workstation already set up: This entails you being assigned your working equipment, clients’ contact list, and data analysis tools.
  • New staff orientation: This requires you to be put through the production procedures and getting to know the existing communication channels between different departments in the company. Also, you are required to perform a tour of the workplace during your first days at work and you will be shown the restrooms, break rooms, and others.
  • Performing a workplace tour by your Onboarding Buddy: This allows you to meet the personnel in each department. Also, you can be provided with a map of the building to enhance your comfort when you are in the vicinity of the workplace. You will also be shown the restrooms, break rooms, and others.
  • Schedule time for feedback on the staff onboarding exercise: In this, you will give your feedback to your employer. Kindly inform them about what you think could improve the staff onboarding process. It always feels great as a new employee to know when to give your feedback in order to focus on it during the next team meeting. 

Staff Onboarding Spotlight

A great staff onboarding plan will promote better job performance, increased efficiency, and higher employee satisfaction.

Executive Onboarding Program

Getting to Know the Steps Involved

In any organization, the executives are responsible for running its activities; they are responsible for formulating the ideas that can drive its growth. There could be a need to add new managing executives to an organization’s management team, and they are required to be properly onboarded. 

The onboarding process is for you, as a managing executive is to understand the core activities of the organization you are just joining. A new manager onboarding is designed to make you feel comfortable right from the first day at work.

Onboarding for the managers should be done properly because you are responsible for making technical decisions, and there is a need to provide you with the right tools.

The following steps will help you in maximizing your executive onboarding program.

Step 1: Reach out and build a connection in advance: Executive onboarding process is enhanced when you are sent the management guidelines and company handbook in advance. This allows you to have a good idea of the firm’s operations.

Step 2: communication of the required expectations and goals: There is a need to develop and align goals that will help you deliver the desired results from your role. Never assume you know what to do automatically.

Step 3: Introduction to the team: This will help you to know their team members. Knowing relevant background information about the strengths and weaknesses of the members and other interpersonal dynamics will help you.

Step 4: Arrange for people management training: This is vital in onboarding executives because you are responsible for managing human resources. Being exposed to people management and leadership training will enhance your capacity to manage the team members effectively.

Step 5: Provision of useful technology: The use of tools like software will make the process enjoyable and enhance your ability to settle into your new role quickly. 

Staff Onboarding Software

Automate your Staff Onboarding Process

Staff onboarding software is a tool that enhances employee orientation and staff onboarding of new employees. It will create a fast, streamlined, and valuable experience that will be pleasant to you. Staff onboarding software builds the background on which your smooth and delightful onboarding experience is created.

The use of good staff onboarding software will aid in winning your heart as a new staff member. In addition, the use of staff onboarding software enhances your ability to stay committed to your company for a long time.

The use of staff onboarding software helps new employees do away with the inefficiencies associated with the traditional onboarding process.

Other values that staff onboarding software will provide are the following:

 Having all information in one place: Without any doubt, having the data you need in a secure and centralized location allows you access to them in an instant.

 It offers a more consistent experience: It will ensure a standard onboarding process with increased compliance, saving a lot of time, and ensures you get the same worthwhile experience.

Increased productivity from Day 1: Staff onboarding software will also ensure you settle into a new role in a short time and attain your full productivity with ease.

An example of staff onboarding software is introdus. introdus is an app that makes your process of onboarding easy, fun, and engaging. Again, it offers you a platform that allows you to learn from a structured onboarding process. 

As onboarding software, introdus is embedded with a streamlined onboarding program that offers you the mind-blowing learning experience with different multimedia content that will boost your capacity to the ground running in your new workplace.

According to Business News Daily, in 2020, as a new worker in a new organization, you should attain maximum productivity within 8 months, which can only be achieved with an effective staff onboarding process. Without mincing words, your capacity to work for an organization for a long period is centred on a great staff onboarding process. 

Also, staff onboarding software will simplify the process and make the experience worthwhile for you as a new staff member, thereby enabling you to get to speed quickly.

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